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What Happens AFTER The Lion’s Gate Portal Closes on August 12th?

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Set 8 Intentions in the Lions Gate Energy on August 8th

If you’re seeing this and wondering what the Lions Gate Portal is, search the Esoterix Podcast Community on FB or the Googs for all the details on why the current cosmic phase is so damn cool and important.

This post is focused on setting intentions in this energy and why its such a crucial time to do so.

First, Craft A Master Manifestation Statement

A master manifestation statement embodies all your desires in a short word or phrase. Personally, I have found the use of a master manifestation statement to be way more powerful than being specific.

Some examples are:

  • I am safe – this is my personal statement and represents all the areas of life that create safety: good health, abundant income, healthy relationships, the day-to-day in good working order, etc.

  • I am excited – this represents looking forward to whatever is to come next in life.

  • I am supported – this represents feeling confident the Universe has your back.

  • I am content – this represents feeling happy and at peace with where you are in life, now.

  • I am loved – this represents feeling loved by others, as well as actively cultivating a legitimate and deepening sense of self-love.

  • I am joyful – this represents happiness and laughter.

If you are a non-specific manifestor creating a “blanket statement” may feel a little more natural since you typically manifest with your feelings and energy, versus specific requests to The Universe. If you are a specific manifestor, you prefer to be clear about what it is you want to call in.

Either way, when you understand your strongest intuitive skills, your biggest challenges, and any shadow traits that may show themselves, it can help you craft intentions from a more deliberate and powerful place.

For example, if you know you tend to get stuck in your head, but you also want to set the intention to release any feelings of stuckness in all areas of your life, you will have to state your intention as something along the lines of…”I ask for conscious understanding of WHY I want to release ___stuckness____ and the ability to process it in a conscious, healthy and energizing way”.

Another example: If I want to manifest the money for a new class, I ask for a new teacher and state “I am supported”, instead of asking for “the money for a new class”. This provides The Universe with so many more options to deliver the thing I asked for, plus I love being surprised by the unexpected and seeing all the cool ways things show up for me. It’s great validation and fun to see our own magic at work.

Take a moment to craft your Master Manifestation statement…

When you’re done, gather supplies for the next phase of this Lions Gate practice:

1. A pen & journal or your device

2. Light a candle and/or burn incense

3. Bring in 2 crystals:

a. Moonstone for transformation

b. Another to amplify the energy such as Clear Quartz, Herkimer, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Citrine or Amethyst.

4. Using your journal, write your Master Manifestation word at the top of the page.

5. Next, list 8 intentions you want to set & achieve over the course of the next 12 months, starting with I AM. Make them realistic, simple and achievable even if you only put in the work a little at a time. Avoid any fake-it-till-you-make-it type intentions. This 8/8 Practice will teach you how to use QUANTUM energy to manifest, so this practice takes you through the wax-on, wax-off phase. (wink)

6. Next pull one card for each intention. You can use tarot, oracle or a combo of both.

7. Now interpret each card by applying one simple word, phrase or sentence to each card pulled for the corresponding intention. Example. If your intention is “I am creative and inspired”, and you pull the High Priestess for that intention, your simple word or phrase might be: My intuition will inspire me.

8. Move to the next on your list until you have gone through all 8 intentions and record everything in your journal. Don’t worry about figuring everything out in the moment, it’s important to go back and study them later for a more intuitive message, theme or overall guidance. Use this to keep you focused over the next 30 days (or more).

9. Every day for the next 30 days, bring each of the 8 intentions and corresponding card message to your mind using visualization, OR to your body using sensing. When you feel a physical indication (even the smallest sensation) as a result of your “daydream”, gather it in your heart center and push it out while you say “This or something better”.

10. Take a big breath and send appreciation and gratitude to the Universe.

11. Finally, state your Master Manifestation word or statement (at the top of your page) out loud: “I AM ____________.”

As your practice deepens over the next 30 days, remember to follow your intuition/inner voice. Keep an eye out for signs, symbols and guidance in big and unexpected ways (as well as small ways), proving to us just how supported and loved we are. Understand that THIS is the time our Lions Gate Intentions begin to manifest…

What Happens AFTER The Lion’s Gate Closes on August 12th?

Well friends, that’s when the magic starts…

So let’s talk about what and WHY the Lions Gate is such a powerful phase to do intention work in. That way, when the shift from Evening Star energy to Morning Star energy takes place, you’ll be more open to the influences of the new energy!

The Venus Star Point

On August 13th, Venus RX & the Sun will align to create the Venus Star Point. This freakin cool as hell cosmic event is the re-birth & transformation of Venus from an Evening Star to a Morning Star.

When the Venus Star Point transforms, it’s said to help us activate feelings of deeper self-love and a sacred re-claiming of our divine feminine. It supports the creation and strengthening of partnerships, emotional connections and the ability to see beauty in our external world.

This transformation is the beginning of:

  • Heart energy re-birth and the healing of trauma and wounding we have been working with for a VERY fucking long time, if not our entire life.

  • We begin to open to a greater love of self, which directly impacts our ability to receive love from others. This is when a greater and deeper self-worth is seeded and begins to sprout.

  • We feel much more able to let go of all the wounds and “blocks” that prevent us from feeling the truth of our value, worth and lovability as a divine energy.

  • And it’s all happening in the sign of Leo, the ruler of the heart! So yeah, we’ll definitely feel those heart-centered energies start to activate and expand.

This also helps us understand why certain issues have been coming up for us since Venus went retrograde! When we are “in our heart” instead of our wounds, we are more likely to see the truth of a situation which brings with it clarity & understanding.

We now finally and truly see that it was never about us.

For fun, let’s figure out your Venus type. This will help you know how to best leverage the energy.

First, locate the Sun in your natal chart.

  1. If Venus is clockwise from the Sun, your Venus type is the Morning Star.

  2. If Venus is counter-clockwise from the Sun, your Venus type is the Evening Star.

  3. If your Venus and Sun are in the same zodiac sign, check their degrees:

  • If your Venus is at a lesser degree than your Sun you are a Morning Star Venus. (Example: Venus 19º Scorpio, Sun 21º Scorpio.)

  • If Venus is at a higher degree than your Sun you are an Evening Star Venus. (Example: Venus 28º Scorpio, Sun 21º Scorpio.)

  • If Sun and Venus are at the same degree, check the minutes to the right of the degree symbol.

Morning Star Energy

  • You tend to be guided by your emotions, feeling first & thinking later. Logic? You’ll have none of it.

  • You are spontaneous, free-spirited and open to adventure. You might have a bit of a hard-candy shell, but at the core you’re empathetic and romantic.

  • You go into situations (love, career, adventure, etc.) without truly knowing (or caring) what you’re getting yourself into. That not a character flaw, it’s simply a character trait that needs to be brought into balance. Healthy risk coupled with a good understanding of the truth of the matter.

  • You have learned it’s easier to verbally process your feelings, openly, bravely, kindly and with compassion because it’s too hard to hide them and trying to do so sends yourself the message that your emotions and boundaries don’t matter. They matter. Let them out.

  • Your romantic heart has been battered throughout your life. But you will love again and again. And each time, you’ll make better choices because you have learned your lessons along the way and you incorporate them into your soul’s wisdom to better help guide and support you into new chapters.

Evening Star Energy

  • It takes time and consistency to trust others and to share your true emotions.

  • When you do trust, it was cultivated over a slow and intentional period, especially when the attraction/connection was spiritually powerful and/or particularly fiery. You are loyal af.

  • You process your feelings internally, going over them in your head instead of with others because vulnerability isn’t easy for you.

  • It can take you a while to overcome heartbreak or betrayal and you can get stuck in your head, obsessing and ruminating to the point of exhaustion and self-frustration.

  • All relationships are serious to you and the effort you put into them indicates their value and importance to you.

  • You feel the most comfortable with those you can trust with your light, and who can experience your vulnerability, all while holding it in love.

How Quickly Will This Happen?

The speed at which your intentions show up depends on the work you’ve done since the 2022 Lions Gate event, AND specifically since April’s eclipse season. Seeing your desires manifest also relies heavily upon the resonance of your personal vibration to the vibration of the thing(s) you want to manifest.

The vibe’s gotta jive, or it’s not showing up.

Do your thoughts and beliefs regarding worth and deserve-ability ALIGN with what you want? Do you truly believe you deserve love, money, safety, etc?

If so, get ready to shift, up-level and generally master tf out of living your best life.

And be sure to journal, set intentions and pull cards... Next year you’ll want to look back to see just how it’s all played out and what has been created. And even if you manifested just one thing, realizing your personal power is a truly magical feeling, that’s for sure…

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