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A New

spiritual awakening, rebirth & transformation 

I resonate deeply with individuals who are poised for profound growth within their own consciousness, ready elevate their intuition and bring forth their most authentic selves to share with the world.


These are the Alchemists, Healers, Mystics & Creatives

ready to master their soul's original plan.  

Are you one of these people?  Are you ready to move out of a consistently challenging phase of life? Are you experiencing life uncertainty, major change & pivotal moments?  Do you have a desire for a career re-alignment and a personal transition?  Do you feel as if you know - at the deepest levels - you are meant to shift into a new paradigm, but just can't see what that might look like, where you are meant to go, or how to get started?  

Using Numerology, Astrology & Human Design within the Akashic Records, we'll explore your original Soul Blueprint for a soul-level 360-perspective surrounding your experiences, your choices, your potential & all your possibilities.  We'll look at your journey - past life, present and "future". It's your Soul Blueprint, and you (your Higher-Self) wrote it.  Shouldn't you know what you have planned for yourself? 

I'm here to help you align with a legitimate sense of empowerment & validation as you go through your personal process of awakening, rebirth and transformation.

Intuitive Services

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