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spiritual awakening, rebirth & transformation 

This is Quantum-Level Shifting...

I feel so LIT UP when working with Alchemists, Healers, Mystics & Creatives who are moving through transformative life changes or pivotal moments: life dissatisfaction, new relationships, major uncertainty, challenges, career/entrepreneurship, spiritual/intuitive awakenings, and major shifts & up-levels. 

Using Numerology, Astrology & Human Design within the Akashic Records, we'll explore your original Soul Blueprint for a higher perspective/360 view of your experiences, your choices, your potential & all the possibilities.  We'll look at your journey - past life, present and even future potential. It's your Soul Blueprint, and you (your Higher-Self) wrote it.  Shouldn't you know what you have planned for yourself? 

I'm here to help you align with a legitimate sense of empowerment & validation as you go through your personal process of awakening, rebirth and transformation.

Intuitive Services

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