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I tend to work with people who are experiencing life changes or pivotal moments: life dissatisfaction, new relationships, major uncertainty, job transitions or challenges, empty nesters, relationship endings, death of a loved-one, etc. Our session together can help you align you with your soul purpose in the most enjoyable and intentional way possible. Through The Akashic Records, You’ll: - Come to have an understanding of your soul’s primary goal and how to consistently align yourself with it. - Come to understand the purpose and meaning behind your most painful experiences. - Understand your inherent strengths and natural abilities. - Deepen your understanding of the people in your life and the soul contract’s between you. Our session together can help you create permanent shifts and positive transformations in your life by providing information, clarity, and a real sense of validation as you go through your transformative process. A session can give you peace & empowerment as you see your journey from a new perspective. You begin to witness the Universe provide you with the people and situations to help you meet and exceed the goals your soul has set for you. A session can take you to the “next level” and give you the knowledge and ability to engage with your life in a more powerful and effective way to nurture improved relationships, intuitive-based career decisions, insight and clarity into family challenges, and a feeling of trust and faith during major life transitions. If you are unable to find a time that works within the slots offered, connect with me from my contact page to discuss alternative options.

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