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May Astro-Numerology Energy Forecast

There’s a lot going on energetically and cosmically in May - much more than what I’m covering here, so be sure to follow your favorite Astro-Pro for transits, aspects and other shit I don’t fuck with.

The Numerology of May

The month of May brings the energy of powerful change. 5 is free-thinking, adventurous, and progressive energy with a mission to experience human life through our 5 senses. Go. Do all the things. Seek pleasures in food, travel, art, adventure, and fun, healthy risk outside your comfort zone. Stay grounded and present in all your senses to avoid becoming restless and impatient. June and her nurturing energy will be here soon enough.

Until then… make love sensually, savor the taste and smell of incredible food, immerse yourself in beautiful sights, listen to deeply soulful music, and feel the freedom of new directions on paths laid out in front of you. Engage all your senses. Intentionally look for experiences that make you feel alive and lit tf up. Listen to your intuition. Follow your gut and trust your soul to lead you through the next 31 days with purpose and joy.

We begin May in the middle of an Eclipse portal. The energy is thick with transformation; helping us shift from one phase of our lives to the next. Focus your attention on building and growing the situations activated in Aries energy. Slow down, be fully present in your body, and connect into the power of joy, pleasure, and indulgence.

May’s energy can help you shed, focus, visualize and manifest.

Yes, I said manifest in Eclipse energy. While many astro-peeps advise against it… that’s a superstitious and limited way of thinking, my beautifully powerful Modern Mystics.

Eclipse energy is transformative because it is so incredibly creative - and to work with it, you simply have to be intentional and stand confidently in your own divinely creative power.

So, let’s talk about the 5 major events of the month:

  • May 1st, Pluto goes Rx.

  • May 5th, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

  • May 15th, Mercury goes direct.

  • May 16th, Jupiter expands tf outta shit.

  • May 19th, New Moon in Taurus

May 1st

May 1st is a 4 day, providing a practical, hardworking, responsible, and grounded vibration.

This is a day for building your legacy and guiding others using words and actions that support growth. May is intended for finding closure and leaving an old, unaligned mindset behind by going back to the basics and rebuilding our life to make things feel a little more stable and secure for the long haul.

On this day, Pluto goes retrograde until October 11th. This gives us the time to work through the shit in our lives that has been kicked up in recent weeks. And by shit, I mean shadow you didn’t even realize was at work in your decisions, thoughts and actions.

Pluto Rx will be gently pulling on the thread of our shadow within, focused intently on unraveling and healing our inner child.

Since Mercury (already in Rx) & Pluto will be in retrograde for most of the month, we’ll continue to discover unresolved wounding as it’s brought to our attention. Do the work, and process and integrate it all. It’s really not going anywhere unless you move it out.

Pluto Rx wants us to stand in the light of our passions, our creativity, and our most authentic self-expression. It wants to see you take up every inch of fucking space, fiercely standing in own your power.

If you’ve felt a little helpless and at the mercy of the Universe recently, by the time this Rx is over you should feel capable of handling pretty much whatever comes your way.

The energy of May 1st wants that just as much as you do.

May 5th

May 5th is an 8 day of ambition, goals and prosperity.

Today is meant to give you that 1st taste of stepping into your power by reminding you of your service to a higher good. You thrive when you are able take ownership of your own life. Shed yourself of disempowered beliefs and lead others into their power, as well.

Today we experience the 2nd eclipse in the current season, a Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This baddie comes at us with an energy that sparks deep feelings & big emotions. Our subconscious will now actively release shadow that has been rooted and suppressed. Work with it and let go of whatever has recently come up. This eclipse wants us to find closure, experience transformation and create lasting change. The 8 carries an energy of being empowered, and this day will help you find that inner power as well.

The thing is, a Lunar Eclipse is basically a Full Moon on steroids so we will feel ALL OF IT! The best thing to do is give yourself a ton of space & grace to feel your feels and understand how they are meant to guide & empower you. Be prepared for intensity and try to ride the waves rather than bracing against them. The 8 is the infinity symbol. What you put into it; you get out of it.

May 15th

May 15th is a 9 day that carries the vibration of humanitarianism, passionate charisma and beautifully old souls.

We reach our highest state of consciousness today in order to further help others achieve spiritual awareness. Ground your energy in compassion and remember that compromise isn’t admitting you’re wrong, it’s allowing room for many perspectives and beliefs, none more important or correct than the other.

Once Mercury ends its Rx phase things start to flow! Stay grounded and aware; life could develop an unexpected momentum that might feel scary or overwhelming. Be intentional about your choices and allow yourself to trust and flow forward in really joyful ways.

Why all the new flow? Our friend Jupiter is back.

May 16th