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Spiritual & Intuitive 
Practice development 

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what does
conscious  Partnership
with The Universe mean?

If I asked you to describe your relationship with The Universe,

what would you say?

What are your beliefs & practices when it comes to spirituality?

Do you believe in a higher power?

Do you trust and communicate with it?

Just like any relationship, it’s important to be aware of  the energy you exchange with your spiritual beliefs. They are your consciousness and your level of awareness.


Let me explain...


Your relationship with The Universe may feel random & casual like an acquaintance.  Or it may be a deeply felt connection you nurture and strengthen every day.

If a relationship is important to us, we care for it, giving it our time and energy.  Sometimes our relationships light us up in ways that can’t be described, and other times we feel challenged,

tested and unsupported.


So when you look at YOUR relationship with Spirituality and The Universe, you might see it in a similar perspective.

So, what is Conscious Partnership with The Universe? 


It’s intentionally and mindfully developing & nurturing a relationship with our spiritual beliefs to create positive life experiences.  It's learning to use our own higher knowing to guide us into ease and flow.  

The beauty and power within any conscious partnership isn’t always easy, but it IS always valuable and worthwhile.

And to you newly awakening Gens (X, Y's, Millennials & Z's), there's a lot more to Conscious Partnership with The Universe than just

old-school faith and meditation... 

There is passion and purpose for the collective sake of evolution.

It's time to do what you came here to do - in the most empowered way possible.


For you, it’s a whole new, next-level, quantum shift.


It’s a new paradigm that takes you ALL-IN... for those who are ready.


And MANY of you have been ready for some time.

AWAKEN: Conscious Partnership with The Universe

is a spiritual guidance program  that provides a safe, nurturing space to expand, go deeper, feel fully supported,

and eliminate comparison.

And we WILL talk about comparison. A LOT.


Because it’s the biggest block to aligning with your most unique expression and your most powerful embodiment.

At this time we meet as a small group of 6. This enhances our synergy with each other, and ensures that everyone has the ability to exchange, express and receive the guidance they most need.

To see if spiritual mentorship is right for you, schedule a

FREE 30 minute zoom call with me.

And listen, this Zoom call is NOT a sales call. This mentoring is priced to be accessible to everyone so sales tactics are not necessary. Honestly I hate that sh*t.

No, this is a "Let's activate our soul contract to work together" session.

I trust that those meant to find me are already headed my way. We are simply in the energy of Divine timing and Divine order.

No sales - just a fun, easy chat to talk about the structure of the mentoring and how to join if you’re ready.   I want to get a feel for where you are within your relationship with The Universe

and Spirituality in general. 

A 4 Week Program Includes

1 One-on-One Session 

 3 Group Sessions

Soul Blueprint Exploration

Guided Meditations


Intuitive Deepening Practices

Karmic Lessons + Debt Review

Soul Growth & Evolution

Spiritual Communication Practices

Tools & Resources 


payment plan available

Send me a message and let's discuss!

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