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One-Of-A-Kind, Personal Jewelry  
Numerology, Astrology, Human Design & the Akashic Records

One-Of-A-Kind, Personal Jewelry intuitively designed & hand-crafted using
Numerology, Astrology & Human Design within your Akashic Record

Science has proven that humans are energetic beings.  The very essence of our existence is sustained by the energy field surrounding our body (also known as our aura).  This makes us naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystal gemstones, and why they can have such a powerful effect when worn on the body. Each stone vibrates with specific properties that can positively influence the energy around them in different ways.

Every step of the intuitive design and fabrication process is intended to create a piece that is unique to your personal energy blueprint.

Your Divine Design.

To do that, I open your Akashic Record and interpret your Numerology, Astrology and Human Design charts to explore the details of your soul’s design. Using this information, I intuitively identify the gemstone that will best enhance and strengthen your personal energy field, while also supporting your soul's purpose, goals and intended achievements.

Your completed piece of jewelry is a physical manifestation of your energy blueprint - a personal piece made for just one person on this Earth – YOU.

Each design is made of Reiki infused .925 Sterling Silver, and may include brass and copper design elements.  Your custom, handcrafted piece comes in a very unique package:

  • Your choice of a ring or pendant on a 16" sterling silver chain.

  • A live/virtual 60-90-minute Tetralogy: Your Divine Design© reading ($333 value)  

  • A pdf guide containing: 

    • A beautiful frame-worthy Soul Blueprint Chart.

    • An Akashic forecast describing the energy & circumstances you can expect to encounter.

    • A description of the gemstone & materials used in your design, as well as the stone’s properties and the best way to harness its energy.

    • And a guide to caring for and storing your custom piece of fine jewelry.

Necklace lengths longer than 16” and rings larger than size 10 will have an additional fee based on current precious metal market prices.  


To commission your own one-of-a-kind piece of personal jewelry, complete the form below.  

The entire package is priced at $455.00

Jewelry Crafted Specifically For Your Personal Energy!


Congratulations, you've started the process!
You'll receive an email with further direction.

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