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New Moon in Virgo & Something Even Better

On September 14th, we have a New Moon in Virgo, an Earth sign known for the practical and organized momentum it brings to our life. When you need to get shit done, you’ll do all of it and more in Virgo energy.

But this energy update isn’t going to dive into all the standard new Moon info you can get from any number of sources out on the interwebs. No, today we’re going to talk about what’s REALLY cool about this New Moon…

First, Mercury goes direct in its home sign of Virgo the day after the New Moon on September 15th. This means we have no more personal planets in retrograde (which had caused us to feel uncertain, and unproductive). That’s when things begin to move. We’ll talk about personal planets in a few, but when these planets are in retrograde, we can feel stuck & stagnant. When they go direct, life starts to feel as if we are moving forward as the energy once again supports momentum.

Second, A Grand Trine made up of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto also takes place on September 15th/16th.

But before we get into that, lets talk about planets for a minute so you understand why THIS Grand Trine is so cool…

In astrology there are three types of planets: Personal Planets, Gateway Planets and Higher Consciousness Planets. Each one holds a particular vibration and frequency. The sign & house they are in at the time of your birth (on your birth chart) will influence how you experience the particular energy of a planet.

  • Personal Planets influence our basic personality. Mercury rules our mind, Venus rules our heart, and Mars rules our ability to take action. These planets orbit closest to the Sun so the effect of their energy on us is MUCH more noticeable on a day-to-day level. Whenever I’m feeling off, I always check my transits to see wtf is happening in the stars with oppositions, squares, etc.

  • Gateway Planets are Jupiter and Saturn. These two baddies are the link between our Personal Planets and the Planets of Higher Consciousness. Their influence can be found in the shaping of our personality. This is what activates/helps us work through shadow lessons and expanding intuitive abilities, in order to elevate our consciousness to higher levels. I complain about Saturn because he is HEAVY in my chart, but he’s actually a huge influence in having developed my abilities to use in my day-to-day life.

  • Lastly, the Planets of Higher Consciousness are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These planets influence us quietly on a subconscious level - supporting, encouraging and influencing us through transformation and awakening. They impact us at the deepest levels and in the most profound ways.

Ok so back to this Grand Trine. A Grand Trine forms when three planets are the same distance from each other, creating a triangle. Grand Trines are believed to bring confidence, creativity, flow, and harmony to any situation.

This cosmic collab brings together some pretty expansive, innovative /rebellious, and transformative energies:

  • Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion,

  • Uranus, the bringer of change,

  • and Pluto for transformation and rebirth.

As a Grand Trine during a New Moon, the power of these energies significantly amplifies our ability to manifest dreams and intentions.

THIS is why you’ve been repeatedly encouraged to dream BIG! Do you remember a past forecast, when I said Leo and Lilith do not fuck around? Well pretty much neither did any other cosmic/lunar event over the last 7-8 months. We have had A LOT of opportunities to dream about what we want, set intentions, review/revise, change our hearts and refine… dream about what we want, set intentions, review/revise, change our hearts and refine… Constant tweaking and adjusting to help us get to the core, layer after layer, in order to accumulate as much clarity as possible around what we truly want our lives to look like. If nothing else, you are damn sure what you don’t want, so you’ve unknowingly closed a quantum timeline.

What’s a quantum timeline? Why, I am SO glad you asked!

Due to the law of duality, we always have at least TWO choices/options in any situation. The more you choose what you DO want, the more possibilities open-up to you. As one quantum timeline closes, and all the possibilities contained in that choice closes because you said, “no”, one or more timelines ALSO open up to you. It’s that fucking easy.

Ok, but is it?

No but also, yes. And that seems really badass to me.

Anyway, this is why the last several months have put us THROUGH it. To ready you for the now.

Now is the BEST time to take healthy, calculated risks to support your most authentic expression of self and all the incredible potential contained in that version of you. Close one timeline, so another can open with new opportunities and circumstances.

But FIRST, use this New Moon to set clear and practical intentions for growth and transformation. This purposeful Virgo energy will take FULL advantage of The Grand Trine’s expansive vibe. This gives us an opportunity to organize, plan and think logically as we integrate ALL the lessons learned.

It’s time put things into action with a little more clarity and attention to detail as you re-evaluate any thoughts and beliefs that may have hindered your growth.

Dream about what we want, set intentions, review/revise, change our hearts, and refine… Your path forward is about to becoming a lot more clear in the next 5 weeks, so prepare to make a decision and let yourself ease into the flow.

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