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New Moon Solar Eclipse In Aries: Significant Transitions & Shifts

During an Akashic Reading, I always identify the moments or relationships in my clients lives that indicate a necessary shift on their path forward. I call these catalytic events. Often they’re a slow burn to prepare us for change, but sometimes they are unexpected and sudden – a legit Tower moment.

I think this current lunar energy is going to show us both.

So, before you read any further, take a moment to jot down some truths about your current life that you already know deep in your soul… The truths you simply may not want to face – truths you have been avoiding and procrastinating around. And listen, it’s OK to not want to face your fears, but if you also know in your heart of hearts that you aren’t acting on all the hints the Universe has been dropping… well buckle-up friends.

You’re about to experience the power of being re-directed and re-aligned by the power of a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries.

✨ Fun Fact for the Moon Nerds: When an eclipse falls on a New Moon, it’s considered a solar eclipse, and when it falls on a Full Moon, it’s considered a lunar eclipse. “Eclipse Season” is the period of time from 7-ish days before one eclipse, to 7-ish days after the other. They always come in pairs.

And THIS particular eclipse on April 19th is considered rare because it’s a sort of hybrid. A unique combination of a total eclipse, and an annular eclipse. That means the moon's shadow will partially block the sun, AND create a cool ring of fire around the moon.

Ya ready to fall into a burning ring of fire, Johnny Cash?

Aries energy moves in to help us feel like we are actively taking part in the creation of our own opportunities, and that maybe we actually CAN achieve our dreams. Aries supports consistent action & practices that support the outcomes we most want.

That’s the Aries fire lighting us up – and the rarity of this eclipses suggests a significant transition/shift in our lives.

This solar eclipse activates a gateway to a new reality and brings in the opportunities we have been dreaming of… Doors open to new paths.

Some of these opportunities may come as a surprise, while others support the goals we have been working toward for some time. If you’ve been feeling impatient and ready to really DO something, this eclipse energy can feel like a fire has been lit, and you’re burning with strength, courage, passion, and determination.

It can also push us to stand/speak up for ourselves, take leaps of faith, and harness the confidence to walk through all the new doors opening for us.

✨ Maneuvering Your Soul Blueprint: During this time, pay attention to HOW you are being guided to move - this will provide you with clues to WHERE you are headed. To find out what specific areas of your life this eclipse will impact, check your birth charts. What houses contain Aries? These are the themes that will be intensified/amplified during this period. For example, I have Aries in my 6th House of work, health, and daily routine, and my 7th house of relationships. And let me tell you… all of those areas of my life are under a major spotlight right now. BIG TIME.

✨ Another cool fact: Since this eclipse falls at 29 degrees of Aries, it activates our karmic debt and lessons - debt you brough over from past lives and lessons you wrote for yourself to master in this life. In Astrology, 29 degrees is tied to our soul’s evolution and it’s not necessarily an easy path. But it CAN be fun and empowering if you see things through a more adventurous lens.

That’s the new path I was talking about – where we meet our destiny and step into a more divine expression of self. So don’t be afraid to harness all that beautiful Aries confidence, courage, passion, individuality, and leadership. Breathe it in and take the next logical steps.

How Eclipses Help Us Get Back On Track Even though the solar eclipse will only last up to 8 minutes, the energy it brings in is intense. An eclipse can show us where we're not in the flow of life and help us get back on track by shining a light on our shadow and amplifying it.

Avoidance? Procrastination? Not gonna fly under the watchful eye of Aries, babes.

Think of it like this - you came to Earth with a purpose to fulfill, but it's always been easier for us to listen to our fear, instead of our intuition. We are so easily thrown-off by life’s lessons and challenges, that we veer out of alignment and off-path.

That's when life starts to feel fucking hard, fucking mean and fucking exhausting.

This dissatisfaction lets us know we’re not on the path we designed for ourselves or living a life that lights us up. But we feel stuck and helpless to make the necessary improvements & we fight or resist change.

But change brings a new direction to head in as we align with our soul’s purpose.

So along comes an eclipse to pull us back to where we're meant to be.

Solar eclipse energy can profoundly mix things tf up - in order for us to wake tf up.

Honestly, the way that we think about eclipses needs to be revised. We need to learn to work with the amplified energy they bring us to heal patterns and triggers that keep us out of alignment with our soul blueprint.

Listen, I'm not saying that eclipse energy can't be intense (and even painful) but it's often the uncomfortable spaces & phases in our lives that wake us up and force us to look at any necessary course corrections.

Eclipses are a time of breakthrough. So work with the energy, instead of against it. Show up for yourself.

Re-frame healing. Look at it as the ability to process painful emotions in order to liberate yourself from burdens. Choose freedom by surrendering what needs to be shed.

How To Work With This Solar Eclipse