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Mercury Rx, Chiron and An Eclipse Sandwich

I truly believe Astrology to be the algorithm that keeps us moving forward along our Life Path.  It creates the opportunities to make the free-will choices necessary to keep us aligned with the Soul Blueprint written by our Higher-Self.  

I think that’s why it feels so important to look at this particular eclipse from a place of “How can I use this energy to create the life circumstances I most want to experience?”

Remember, we are in an 8 Universal Year in Numerology, so our growth opportunities in 2024 will always center around how our thoughts, words, actions and beliefs either empower or disempower us.  We’ll be given many occasions in 2024 to recognize the programming we carry that can cause us to get stuck in disempowered patterns and negative inner dialogue. 

So let’s talk about the Mercury Retrograde Season we are about to go through and why it’s so powerful in this current Eclipse Season. There’s more magic to be made than we might think.

On April 1st, Mercury goes Rx in Aries, sandwiched between two eclipses - the Lunar Eclipse in Libra we had on March 25th and the Solar Eclipse coming up in Aries on April 8th.  All planets have been direct since January 27th, so Mercury is the first to jump out of line and shake shit up.

And this is a pretty powerful retrograde in that it presents big opportunities to make changes in our conscious mindset. This means an up-level, an evolution and a paradigm shift.

It’s an opportunity to consciously become aware of:

  • Any mental or emotional conditioning that has come to be our “truth” and whether or not it serves us. You could look at this as your relationship to what & how you think.

  • What needs to change in our lives.  But it feels like this will occur at deep levels because we’ll be more focused on how it impacts us and whether or not it feels satisfying & good.

And I’ll bet these outcomes show up for us, even if we don’t look at any of it as an opportunity.  That’s the beauty of Rx energy.


How Rx Moves

Mercury Rx is often referred to as a “planetary zig-zag” (forward, backward, and then forward again), so it’s helpful to think of Mercury retrograde as a 3-part event:

  1. Three weeks of slowdown (pre-shadow) which leads-up to the main event,

  2. Three weeks of the actual retrograde itself (backward motion), where all the action takes place.

  3. And three weeks of moving direct again (the post-retrograde shadow phase, aka Retro-shade), which is a time to reflect on whatever came up for you, and work on tying up loose ends.

So really, we’re experiencing about nine weeks of Mercury energy (which to be honest, has evolved into a fear of communication breakdowns, device mishaps and other assorted fuckery).

But here’s the thing… the hype and fear surrounding a Mercury phase isn’t based in ancestral wisdom passed down through the ages. It’s a relatively new concept based in the 80’s when tech started to become a mainstream thing.  Historically, astrologers never stressed about it and there’s no mention of it in ancient texts.  In fact, the OG astrologers actually saw Mercury retrograde as a “magical and transformational transit” and used it to their advantage.

Remember, THIS Rx is sandwiched between TWO eclipses, so it’s coming into the room in 3-inch heels.  But also - the goal of Mercury Rx in relation to our soul’s plan, is NOT to create a bunch of bullshit in our life, it’s goal is help us see how we COMMUNICATE with our Universe, and how that must be refined and changed in order to live our most aligned life.

Let me explain:

  1. This Eclipse/Rx period is about showing you the state of your relationship with the Universe (the Libra 3/25 energy), and how the entirety of your thoughts, actions and beliefs creates your core consciousness – which creates your reality. Your consciousness IS your relationship with the Universe.

  2. This Eclipse/Rx period is about showing you what needs to heal. Chiron is ALL UP IN the coming Aries Eclipse in order to reveal the wounds (personal and collective) that NEED to be healed.  I mean, you see it…the Aries/Mars themes of anger & aggression have reached alarming levels all over the planet. This is an extremely important mirror, and when we truly look at what is being reflected back at us, it offers an opportunity to raise our consciousness at a really critical time.  More on that later.

So, what can you do to worry less about malfunctioning tech, and put more focus into activating the magic and transformative energy of Mercury Rx? You can ALLOW:

  • Allow the energy to support a conscious shift in how we think, communicate, and perceive the world around us (our reality). Let yourself be SHOWN what needs to change in the way you interact with the world around you. Dig deeper into your beliefs and how they create your day-to-day experiences. Does life feel satisfying or create resentment?

  • Allow yourself to speak your soul’s truth intentionally, fully and authentically, no matter what the topic is.  Speak up about dinner preferences, personal boundaries, and asking for your needs to be met in romantic, family, and career relationships of any nature. 

  • Allow yourself to be shown the wounds from your past that still impact your ability to communicate (and show up) truthfully, and confidently.

You allow by surrendering with total and complete acceptance that you’re turning things you can’t control over to The Universe.  You’re not giving up on a dream, you’re not admitting defeat or a lack of power, you’re not abandoning yourself, and you’re not doubting your own worth and value.  You’re simply saying, “Ok, I release. I let go. It’s fucking exhausting to constantly worry, doubt and fear. I can’t do it anymore, so I simply ask you to show me how you want to work through me, Higher Self/Universe/God/Goddess”. Whatever high power you believe in, hand it all over and ask for help…


  • Help me remember to ask for assistance a lot more,

  • Help me identify & understand your messages more easily,

  • Help me interpret your guidance more skillfully using my intuitive abilities,

  • Help me recognize the signs, symbols and synchronicities that show me I am supported and aligned,

  • Help me develop the courage to take inspired action,

  • Help me learn to trust myself more deeply to make the right decisions for myself, keeping myself safe.

  • And remind me to openly appreciate the blessings that show up in my life.   

Self-Evolution - A Vibe That Radiates Out Around You

The next eclipse is the Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th that is taking place in Chiron/Mercury Rx energy.

An Aries moon brings out passion, powerful instincts, and the ambition to step into your personal power.  It can feel like you’ve been ignited, inspired and ready to blaze trails!  It wants you to individuate & stand out from the crowd, find your voice & speak your truth!   

Aries doesn’t typically play it safe or small. They are masters of direct communication and have found it to be the best way to get what they want out of life. These traits are amplified during an Aries moon - a time when you may feel more confident to use your voice for change and share your abilities and wisdom with the world.

This Eclipse is meant to ignite transformation in as many humans as possible. The path it travels will impact more than 31 million people who live inside the path of totality and millions more outside of it.  Numbers like that are no coincidence and this will be the most felt/viewed eclipse in the history of the world for a reason.

Spiritual Awakenings are happening at the highest numbers since I started reading the Akashics and I hold sessions with more and more Starseed Master Numbers than ever before. This eclipse is a world-wide ascension event taking place in empowering Aries energy and crucial Chiron healing energy to bring about a major phase of consciousness evolution. It's that paradigm shift you've been looking for... That change you've been feeling in your gut. That thing you know is coming, but don't know what it is.

And it feels VERY different for everyone – very personalized as all healing tends to be.

The Astrology of this 2024 Universal 8 Year (in Numerology), is prepping us all for growth, transformation, and empowerment - you’ll look back on this period as the time when everything changed.

Here’s a look at other important dates in April:

  • 4/6: Venus sextile Pluto (sextile means compatibility and harmony between the two). This lovely alignment inspires us to deepen the relationships in our lives that truly matter to us, so allow them to transform us. Venus-Pluto may make us feel a desire for passion, but it will also help us see when passion is healthy and when it’s simply power dynamics.

  • 4/ 11: Mercury is “cazimi,” meaning it’s energy is amplified due to its proximity to the sun.  This is a good thing because it helps us tap into deeper insights from our Higher-Self.  Around this time, be sure to meditate, journal, use tarot or other types of divination, DREAM, visualize, and set intentions.

  • 4/19: Taurus Season begins! Taurus is a fixed earth sign; a lover, not a fighter - unless provoked - grounded, reliable, and steady. As a zodiac sign, the Bull can be unwavering (stubborn) in their beliefs; rarely changing their mind, even if proven wrong (the original “I said what I said”). Ruled by Venus, a Taurus is a lover of all things luxurious: food, pleasure, material goods, money, decadence, new tech, and creative self-expression. Taurus energy may help bring clarity around what we value and how we're showing up in the world. 

  • 4/20: This might not be the best day to work with cannabis because Jupiter is conjunct Uranus (which means they are close together, thus amplifying the energy of each). This transit brings surprises and sudden opportunities, so you might want to be clear headed for that. You may also feel a strong need for freedom and want to forget about your responsibilities (which you will most definitely do if “chilling with 420). This transit also supports a sudden financial “windfall”, a promotion at work, or a romance.  Expand your awareness and look for opportunities where before, you saw none.

  • 4/23 Full Moon in Scorpio: And after ALL that, OF COURSE we are hit with an intense and transformative energy that pushes for change, emotional honesty, and sharing what lies beneath the surface. The shadow side of this is meant to reveal to you where you tend to create toxicity in your life.  Don’t be surprised if this is the time when you have a startling revelation about any low-vibe dynamics in your relationships. Scorpio is about transformation and personal growth is a messy path. This his full moon brings empowerment in on two wheels, elevating those who wish to evolve. Scorpio is also the sign of death and rebirth so you may feel unafraid to cut ties, start fresh, and destroy what is no longer working. The key to mastering this energy is to do so from a place of empowerment. If life feels messy, consider what you can eliminate from your life, rather than spiraling into disempowerment or self-sabotage. 

The Collective Awakening

Spiritual Awakenings are taking place in the highest numbers ever because the younger Gens are pretty much all Starseeds here to support the shift from 3D to 5D. Our personal energy is connected to the Earth’s electromagnetic field - and that field is connected to our overall consciousness.  So as more people awaken, the Earth’s magnetic field contains higher frequencies of energy, which allows us to channel and vibrate at higher levels of…consciousness. 

You all know I love to geek out on the  science of woo-woo and it’s all science; consciousness is energy.

My work in the Akashic Records shows me over and over that Earth is a school.  As souls, we are here to learn to manipulate and master energy for the purposes of co-creation. Beyond that, who knows… that’s sort of the mystery of life after death, huh?

Anyway, I think it’s time to pay a lot more attention to our relationship with The Universe.  It’s showing us over and over that it’s time to start seeing each Astrological event as a catalyst to help us master the journey through our personal Soul Blueprint, the map of this human life.

When all is said and done, you should emerge from the next 9-weeks feeling stronger than ever. 

I have no doubt you’ll be the one to use all this to create magic.  We all will.  

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