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Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus: Liberation & A New Phase of Life

“The real love story was always you and you. It was how you walked alone and learned what you needed to carry. It was how you began to see through your own eyes, and not someone else's.” ~ Brianna Wiest

On April 20th, Jupiter comes together with Uranus in the sign of Taurus.  It’s an opportunity to make a quantum leap and experience a breakthrough. 

It's the liberation of a new love story - with yourself and your own life.

Historically, Jupiter conjunct Uranus is associated with significant contributions, milestones, uprisings, and major moments in time. The cool thing about this event is that it’s pretty rare. The last time Jupiter and Uranus paired up was in 2011, and won't be conjunct again until 2037.

This conjunction hits at 21° Taurus and will be felt collectively.  But if you have planets in your birth chart between 19°-23° of fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo & Aquarius) you’ll feel this energy personally.

In astrology, Jupiter is considered the "Great Benefic",  bringing luck, blessings, and growth. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, success, and fortune. It gets us excited for the future by expanding  what it touches. It wants us to ask for more out of life and not be afraid to show up authentically, take up space, be seen, open ourselves WIDE to prosperity & abundance, and feel at peace in all of it.

Uranus on the other hand, can be a bit of a disruptive energy because it wants us to move forward into the next phase of our life, but it tends to do that in unexpected ways – and some of us just do not like change.  

Uranus also represents humanitarian efforts that benefit the collective as a whole. It’s influence brings out a longing for freedom and authenticity, encouraging us to break rules and release expectations put on us by others.

When the two come together, they set the stage for major excitement and change (ideally tied to abundance). This conjunction also sets the tone for the next 14 years in terms of how you may express yourself artistically and what makes you unique.


Because Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct in fixed earth sign Taurus, it may amplify areas of life that are associated its ruler Venus, who oversees art, beauty, money, earning potential, and love & relationships. So depending on which house in astrology the conjunction hits your birth chart, you could get an unexpected promotion, meet someone new, or embark on new phase of life.  If you feel like your work has been overlooked, keep the faith. Recognition and support could come from someone who acknowledges and believes in your unique talents. 


And Taurus loooooves the finer things in life, so expect money, prosperity and abundance issues to come up to be addressed. Around May 20th, Venus herself aligns with Jupiter and Uranus, providing yet another opportunity to boost this area of your life.



Jupiter and Uranus encourage us to transform our thoughts around money, success, prosperity safety, structures, and ideologies. Uranus wants us to think for ourselves and step into our most authentic expression of self.  It reminds us that our journey is unique and the timeline in which we travel is unique. Comparing ourselves with those around us isn’t going to move us forward in this energy.

Big ‘ol transits like this can be windows of opportunity. While astro-cosmic forces absolutely effect our lives, we can also influence where that impact lands, by engaging a conscious partnership with the Universe:

  • Defining our beliefs and relationship with spirituality (what/who do I believe in? What is my level of consciousness?)

  • Develop practices to communicate and connect with whatever form of spirituality you hold true (how do I communicate with who/what I believe in?)

  • Using our intuitive abilities to communicate with/ask for support from the Universe (who do I communicate with?)

  • Using the What, How and Who to co-create the experiences you desire.

We have the ability to co-create with The Universe – it’s one of the primary goals of human incarnation (to learn to create energy into matter).  We are not victims or powerless to our own evolution, and to learn this at the deepest levels, we are consistently provided with opportunities to develop the confidence to make decisions, changes, and act in our lives. 

When this conjunction happens in Taurus, it can be incredibly STABILIZING energy, OR it can be incredibly DE-stabilizing in order to support chaos + conflict (a Tower moment).

Why is chaos not necessarily a bad thing? 

Because it gives us the opportunity to re-organize our life into something much more aligned with our truth when picking up the pieces and putting them back together.


We are on the other side of a powerful eclipse season, but we are still in its energy.  Historically, eclipses preclude major events and transformation, so you’re being given an opportunity for perspective and deep self-reflection. There is a much bigger purpose at work here to help you develop the self-trust needed in order to step out of your comfort zone and take healthy risks.

Hold a steady image of the future in your mind. Hold it far beyond what's reasonable for a Daydream. Hold it so long that it begins to feel real. Hold it until you think it just might be... ~ Brianna Wiest

And don’t forget, we have a Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23rdthat ushers in the energy to more clearly see exactly what we need in order to be TRULY happy. Scorpio energy will guide us through our transformational journey if we allow it. With enhanced levels of trust & surrender, we can look at our current priorities and identify how they must change in order to live a more authentic and fulfilling way of life.

“With the eclipse and its effects affecting many of us, and because Mercury is still in retrograde, you have important processing and integrating to do… and it’s vital to slow down and do it. Nothing that arises this month is without purpose or use… and it’s meant to change you. But none of it is of value if you don’t get the message: that you are actually creating a new you and you need fresh material.” ~ Numbers by Shey & SheyZen  

Shey reminds us that this specific phase of our life won't be gentle on us and it won’t be easy, but it's meant to TRANSFORM us. You can find Shey on both Facebook and Instagram. Follow her for daily numerology forecasts and life wisdom.


We will continue to work with this energy into the month of May before it moves out.  I know everyone wants to know their next steps because in the current Aries energy, there’s so much potential being stirred up within, that we just want to get busy… 

But to take off running, we need a path.

So use this time to do the inner transformative work, and give space to any needs for self-reflection that came up over the last few weeks. 


  • Have healing conversations with your closest relationships.

  • Tap into your creativity for solutions and next steps (harness your intuition).

  • Deepen your visualization/manifestation practice with journaling and drawing or painting.

  • Meditate in a way that feels most natural to you. 

  • Be open to change & transformation. Have faith in the details of your own soul path and your inner knowing + intuition. 

  • Do the work around self-acceptance, self-worth and get clear on what financial freedom and prosperity means ( & looks like) to you.

  • Take healthy risk to show yourself what you’re capable of.

Let Jupiter/Uranus reveal the path ahead of you in divine timing.  It will be the green light you’re seeking, but only when you are ready to step into your most authentic expression of self because only that version can move forward into a new paradigm. 

Only then will your new journey begin.







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