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New Moon, New Beginnings

New Beginnings…

Its been a while since I had the energy to write an energy forecast – these first weeks of 2023 have been personally challenging and my astrology is doing all she can, with Saturn’s help, to get me to the other side of this as the best version of myself I can be.

That New Moon on January 21st was the beginning of something awful for me, but here we are, ready to welcome in another New Moon and I’m grateful to be here, in this moment.

And although it can seem like life is fucking with us, our soul blueprint is simply running it’s program to keep us aligned and on -track with the goals of our soul.

The bigger picture is much prettier than the actual experience, but how tf can we know that in the moment? We can try to keep it in mind, but we rarely do.

Awareness in the moment can be one of the most effective tools in our spiritual & emotional tool box, but this also means lessons can be easy or intense, depending on our state of mind.

Saturn As a Capricorn, I have known Saturn intimately my entire life and have grown used to his stern lessons.

A New Moon conjunct Saturn can make us feel insecure, sad, lost and as if life is just too fucking hard. But THIS New Moon has all the positive connection to Venus and Pluto, so you’ll feel a return of stability, tenacity and patience, it’ll just feel a little more tough-lovey.

But this has been a whole new energy and it was a motherfkr.

Pisces Season So now that we’re moving toward the “other side” of it, lets talk about what you need to know about this New Moon as we enter Pisces Season…

Ruled by Neptune & Jupiter, we are surrounded by some pretty amazing energies!

Healing, dreams, intuition, spiritual awareness, mysticism, inspiration, abundance, expansion, positivity, luck and growth!

Wow. A huge change from the last several weeks.

It’s a lot of that 12th House energy and your mantra should be: I Believe

For the more practical among us, that means reaching your goals with hard work, patience and persistence… and for the airy dreamers, it means believing you’ll reach your goals all wrapped up in a fairytale ending.

New beginnings need a starting point, and this is it.

And that was ultimately Saturn’s plan the whole, time – he only wants good things for us, it’s just that his methods are typically not warm and fuzzy.

You’ll feel “a refreshing burst of energy and initiative”, but gone is the emotional rollercoaster. You’ll feel comforting, encouraging balance that supports fresh starts and turning new corners. Those old habits, behaviors, and beliefs just don’t have the same sort of presence in our life these days, and we are ready to move forward… we want to feel good about ourselves, our lives and our habits.

We want to feel as if we have things managed in our life. We want to feel as if we are worthy and capable.

This New Moon brings in and amps up all our psychic abilities, too. You’ll experience deeper insight and more intense physical responses within your body… tingling, heat, shivers, visions, flashes, instant knowing… all of it, tinged with the more advanced abilities of astral travel during your dream state and mental telepathy with those you are closest to.

You’re a goddamned Psychic Priestess/Mystic this New Moon, so use it to tap into your own Akashic Record and ask to be shown a past life influence that is impacting your current day challenges or questions.

Ok, so what do you DO in this energy?

While this New Moon is ideal for new beginnings, it is also perfect for launches, building from the ground up and making long-term goals or plans. Work on your goals, build, and focus on the strength of your structure. You’re building for your future so you want those foundations to be solid and last a long time. Unclutter your life. Let go of practices, beliefs, habits and people who complicate your goals, making them easier to achieve.

Those old battles, emotional, mental and physicals must be left behind, finally once and for all. Let it go; it's done and there is nothing left to gain from it. This also applies to people from our past who still haunt our thoughts every now and then. They are your past, not your future and the future holds your dreams. You deserve that, and the people you leave in the past believe you deserve that too. So move forward into that new beginning - there is love, hope, fun, excitement, adventure, inspiration, abundance, and fantastic twists of destiny.

To do that, it may mean radical acceptance of the deeper shadow you were shown in Jan/Feb and taking tangible steps to address it... In fact, I’m sure that’s what it will mean for you – so if you truly want that new beginning, you’re going to have to take care of your shit.

Venus sextile Pluto gives us the passion and tenacity to make it a success.

Love & Passion

Speaking of passion, most all the Astro-pro’s I follow tell us that this New Moon is prime for passion, deepening love and intensifies our need for companionship. So if you’re single, obsess over your crush – it’s ok and encouraged. But try to do something about it, too. “A new romance or friendship would be a whirlwind experience and significantly transform your life.”

Existing relationships have the ability and support to evolve to a “profound or spiritual level”.

Have lots of fun, happy, empowering sex! Experiment in the bedroom and go fucking wild up inside the sheets!

Use this energy to explore deeper feelings & intentions. Embrace vulnerability for the sake of connection – it will bring you closer to your partner in ways that have felt missing for a while. Embrace it and revel in it.

That passion also extends to self-expression and things you enjoy – cooking, hobbies, interests, anything creative! The more you allow yourself to experience joy for the sake of joy, the more joy you get out of life. Weird how that works, huh?

Ok so here’s the deal - the influence of this New Moon lasts through the March 21st New Moon, so the BEST time for starting new projects is during the coming two-week waxing moon phase (February 20th through the March 7th Full Moon.

The moon phases are powerful and if you don’t already work with their energy, I highly recommend learning more about how to do that!

  • Listen to Esoterix Podcast’s episode #73 where Fioraliz breaks down the phases of the moon and how to harness their energy through practices.

  • Yasmine Boland is all about the Moon – check out her website, books, card decks, etc.

  • My favorite book for learning and working with the Moon is called The Moon Book by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener.

Crystals for New Beginnings

New beginnings create significant change and can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. To support and assist through transition, crystals help align with new energy by easing discomfort and promoting strength and confidence. Wear crystals on your body to support your personal energy field and be sure to program them with intention.

  • Amazonite: A stone that brings hope, prosperity, promotes creativity, intelligence, courage, and confidence. Amazonite’s energy supports alignment with the things that excite and inspire you.

  • Blue Kyanite: A powerful stone that supports the inspiration and power to achieve your dreams and celebrate your decisions.

  • Aventurine: Soothes, brings inner peace, and strengthens the heart. It is the stone of opportunity that will bestow you with good luck and positively influence your decision-making.

  • Citrine: An excellent stone for manifestation, success, abundance, and attracting wealth by balancing the Solar Plexus. Citrine supports fun and confidence while increasing your energy levels for new projects.

  • Moonstone: was made for new beginnings and is our biggest supporter of manifestation. It helps re-set the mind, center our energy, and helps us go deeper within to get clear on our life purpose and path forward. It’s a loyal companion on the path of self-discovery and change.

  • Amethyst: This crystal is excellent for cutting unhealthy ties with compassion and forgiveness, thus enabling new beginnings with a different approach.

Rebirth, Change &Transformation

New Moons and ever present change are just a part of our journey and the story of our life.. but we can be sure the future holds new success stories just ahead. So keep going.

The nature of human incarnation is that we are wounded on our journey - and we heal those wounds on our journey.

It’s time to heal.

The New Moon is supporting that for you.


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