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July Tetralogy: Fierce + Radical Self-Acceptance with a Side of Self-Care

July is a 6 Universal Month within an 8 Universal Year

First, let me explain what Tetralogy is…From the Greek τετρα meaning “four", Tetralogy is “made of four distinct modalities: a fusion of Numerology, Astrology & Human Design within the Akashic Records.  All four star-based divination systems connect and work together to fully support the goals of your soul AND your human experience.  

  • Numerology is the WHAT (what is my purpose, what are my skills, interests, and character traits?), giving you a higher-level understanding of your life path and the skills and abilities you bring to the world in service to others.

  • Astrology is the WHY (why am I learning this particular lesson?) Our Astrology placements chart our karma, as well as keep us moving forward through our soul blueprint. It is our personal algorithm in the stars.

  • Human Design is the HOW (how do I use my specific energetic design to move through life intentionally?). Human Design gives you the knowledge to make decisions and take inspired action for manifestation.

  • And it’s all interpreted in The Akashic Records, the energetic coding within your Soul Blueprint meant to record and support the experiences your soul most needs for growth and spiritual evolution.

As a soul, you wrote your own Soul Blueprint during your Life Between Life phase before incarnation. These 4 systems are simply my way of interpreting it for you.  Exploring your blueprint provides a deeper look into your soul’s goals for your intuitive & spiritual evolution, and it’s a fun way to understand yourself at deeper levels.

Each month we’ll look at the Collective Tetralogy so you can see how these modalities support us as evolving souls. 

If you are interested in exploring your personal Tetralogy Akashic Soul Blueprint, schedule your chart reading here.  With that knowledge, you’ll then be able to connect the dots between your personal Tetralogy and the energy of the Collective Tetralogy.  A super helpful and empowering tool to have month to month.  


Summer is here in the Northern hemisphere, and we’ve made it to the ½ way point in our 8 Universal Year of Empowerment!  This is actually a big relief because if you have “done the inner work”,  the energy of the lessons of the last 6 months should begin to lighten soon.

To refresh, a Universal Year is the energy we feel as a collective for the entire year. The number 8 has two major meanings in numerology:

  • The first is related to power, authority, leadership, and ambition.

  • The second is connected to balance, harmony, karma, and justice. (that whole infinity symbol connection)  

Our 2024, 8 Universal Year means that these themes will be prominent for everyone on a global scale. It has been a year to clarify goals, take charge of life, and to face the consequences of our actions (or inactions). It has also been a year to manifest  those goals and align with our higher purpose. 

2024 is about power. I’m not talking about power as in politics, but the kind of power that each of us has within. Year 8 helps us take all the magic unearthed in the previous 7 Year and use it to manifest a life we have worked hard for. It also encourages us to help others do the same while empowering material wealth and success.

Read more about this Universal Year 8 in 2024: Paradigm Shifts & Next-Level Up Levels here.

We are now 6 months into 2024 and entering the phase I call Outcomes and Assimilations.  <— cool little blog post on the anatomy of a personal year

Anyway, July, August & September energy always seem to reveal the outcomes of the challenges and decisions we made over the last 6 months. As we move into new situations & opportunities, we are put to the test yet again.

This is why July & August are important months, with September being critical!

The energy of the year tends to peak around this time, culminating in the lessons and growth we've been immersed in all year. Yes, it’s a test, but its important to know that the Universe doesn’t expect perfection, just sincere and consistent effort.  Honestly, I have to remind myself of that every day. 

Toward the end of September, you will start feeling the shifting energies around you as we move toward the energy of 2025, a 9 Universal Year of Transformation and Endings. This should be good, huh?

Ok so back to July Numerology.  We are in a Universal 6 Month with a very strong influence of nurturing, self-care giving and being in service to others. Similar to the 6th house energies of Astrology, July is asking us to address emotional and mental health created by our daily routine. Supporting the energy of home, health and family, a 6 Personal Month is an ideal time to take a closer look at what these things mean to you and how they influence your life. 

  • Does your home provide a safe space to feel heard, seen and fully accepted? 

  • Do you prioritize your health and well being with practices that support self-care?

  • Do you have a healthy balance between giving and receiving in your closest relationships – and with yourself?

You’ll also feel the push to embrace and follow your life path, guided by your intuition (a huge part of self-care).

But it’s not all work and no play! 6 energy also has a creative side due to its double 3 energy. Create space this month for authentic self-expression and creative communication: writing, speaking, music, dance, art, photography… Communication is about creation of your personal expression using any and all mediums. 


As we move through Cancer season, it gives us time to nurture ourselves and those we care about. This is where Numerology and Astrology intersect, their energies supporting each other. 

We’re pushed to reflect on our inner world: our personal goals, authenticity, and legacy, while also being intentional with the energy we put into our relationships with others.  We are on a journey of rediscovering what it means to show up authentically for ourselves based on how we want to show up in the world.  While working on aligning with our authentic expression, it’s important to consider what we offer others and the legacy we want to leave behind.

Neptune, the planet of daydreams, spirituality, and illusions, begins a five-month-long retrograde on July 2nd in its home sign of Pisces.  This gives us the time we need for going deep within. Introspection.

Neptune helps us recognize any negative beliefs about our self-value, and gives us the ability to align how we see ourselves with how others see us. Its all tied to our relationship with our self-value & self-worth. It’s a period of self-acceptance filled with all the work that needs to be done around that.

The good news is the New Moon in Cancer on July 5th can support our manifestations because Cancer loves to be nurturing! 

But in return, she asks us for self-awareness and self-care. Remember, Cancer is working with the energy of Neptune to go inward, identify our emotional needs, and the type of love we need in order to step into the flow of high self-value (which directly relates to our material mindset).  And ew also get a little help by Capricorn, Saturn Rx, Pluto Rx, and... omfg… I can go on and on. Just know there is A LOT happening astrologically right now that supports helping us do all the work to manifest our desires with intention, self-worth and ease.  

It feels like a lot. Are you exhausted?

  • Are you trying to hustle and use old ways of creating safety?

  • Are you neglecting your own needs?

  • Are you putting your own healing on pause to show up for others?

And we also have another Full Moon in Capricorn on July 21st which brings an opportunity to let go of energy that keeps us from our goals. It’s a time to get clear on our distractions, while also focusing on the essence of what we  want.

On July 22, the Sun comes home to Leo, welcoming in some good-feely vibes and creative energy. Leo is about feeling good with yourself, so it’s time to prioritize all the things you need to feel at home in who you are. What lights you up? Leo season pushes you to stand in the Sun and let it shine on you, warm you and fill you up. 

Embrace anything that helps you feel authentic with fierce and radical self-acceptance and self-love.  


And lastly we have July’s Human Design.  Like I mentioned earlier, Human Design is the HOW of your Akashic Soul Blueprint.  So let’s look at a few ways each of you can embrace your energetic design while also being supported by the energy of the current and future Numerology and Astrology phases. 

If you don’t know your Human Design type, strategy and authority, there are hundreds of online calculators (many that offer a free report) that will explain it all to you. To be honest, there are also websites that give you all the free information you would ever need to get a good idea of your entire Human Design, but it can feel overwhelming to make sense of it at first. My suggestion is to start with a basic review such as booking a Tetralogy reading, and then getting a reading on your centers, lines and channels with an advanced practitioner. You’re definitely paying for their interpretation, but more importantly, their knowledge and experience.

Since the theme for July is self-care, lets look at some Self-Care Practices by type:


You are independent visionaries here to activate those around you. Because of your independence, you  can be misunderstood by those who don’t understand your vision. You tend to worry about being disliked, which can cause you to fear expressing your beautiful authenticity (which, but the way is exactly what this world needs).

Self-Care for Manifestors:

  • Show up for yourself by bravely expressing your unique vision.

  • Your energy comes in bursts, so make time to rest and recharge throughout your day and spend this time doing whatever feels good to you.


You are magnetic! Here to light up the world by aligning with your joy, you have the ability to master the long-game of creation. But you can also burn out by committing to something just because you can finish it, even if you’re not lit up by it. If it’s not a “hell yes”, it has to be a no. 

Self-care for Generators:

  • Give yourself a day to let your gut guide you and tune in to your body. Get familiar with what a “hell yes” feels like to you.

  • You get the most satisfying rest when you burn energy throughout the day with movement that feels nourishing. You’ve got so much of it, it must be reduced with exercise or some activity you truly enjoy.


Manifesting Generators, you are creatives here to inspire creativity through your unique way doing things – all the things at once! Your energy thrives when you’re able to multi-task and pursue the passions that light you up in the moment.  That may very well include not finishing, even though you hoped to. Trust your internal compass; it will let you know when it’s time to move on to something else. And that’s perfectly normal and OK for a ManGen because you  live life YOUR way. No rules; just delight after delight, doing all the things that bring you pleasure.

Self-Care for Manifesting Generators:

  • Give yourself a variety of tasks, interests and activities to choose from at any given time. Try out different interests & hobbies before committing.

  • Tune in to your gut to identify a passion for something; you’ll feel “lit up” and energized. 

  • If you have trouble sleeping, add movement that feels good and nourishing to you into your day.


Projectors are perceptive problem solvers here to help others find their focus and maximize their potential. They see the big picture, simplify it and solve problems. Your gifts are best suited for opportunities to guide and teach. If you don’t honor that, you’re prone to burnout.

Self-Care for Projectors:

  • Honor your energy and give yourself the rest your energy is designed for.

  • Find your fun and explore pursuits you can lose yourself in.

  • You work best in short bursts, so give yourself the space to rest between periods of focused work. You’ll get more done in the long-run.

Clear your energy field at the end of the day with meditation, visualization and alone time to recharge.

HUMAN DESIGN REFLECTOR Reflectors are sensitive beings who have the cool & unique capacity to reflect the energy of their community and the world around them. While other types are connected to the Sun, Reflectors are lunar beings, deeply empathic, the rarest of all the types and connected to the cycles of the Moon.  Reflectors must be aware of your environment to make sure it feels healthy, good and nourishing.

Self-Care for Reflectors:

  • Find a space that feels supportive and fill it with things that help you feel at ease.

  • Become familiar with the cycles of the moon and how they influence your own energy. 

  • To make decisions, give yourself plenty of time to process in order to see how the lunar cycle brings you clarity.

  • You’re highly sensitive – especially now in Cancer season (ruled by the Moon), so spend time clearing your energy field at the end of the day with Reiki or Sound Therapy.

So there you have it – a little knowledge about looking at your Soul Blueprint and how beautifully your soul work is supported by a few of my favorite modalities.

Again, if you want to explore your personal Tetralogy Akashic Soul Blueprint, schedule your private chart reading here. 

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