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Universal Year 8 in 2024: Paradigm Shifts & Next-Level Up Levels

As I was creating the 2024 Personal Year Forecasts, one similar thing is standing out in each of them.  I want to share it because each personal year cycle contains 9 individual years. Each of those years represent the energy you'll experience the most intensely within that year. But the entire 9-year cycle can be looked at like a journey of growth, with every year building upon the previous.

For example:



 I thought these visuals would help you be ablet o more deeply absorb everything you can about your personal year in 2024 because it is supported by an 8 Universal Year.  Intuitively I have this consistent feeling that it’s going to be a HUGE year containig SO MUCH growth & empowerment.

Yes, that’s the energy of the 8, but this year is also being powered by a paradigm shift. 

Everyone is feeling it in different ways, but we’re all still feeling the spark of moving out of old energy (thoughts, beliefs, words and actions), also called Old Earth energy as we move into New Earth energy.

So as I'm going through these years, it's striking me that whatever personal year you are in, it’s going to be an incredibly transitional one for you, so take note!  Pay attention to how that actually extends to all areas of your life. A personal year is important every year but in 2024 it seems to be doubly transformative, if that makes sense.

To clarify:

  • A universal year contains the energy that everyone experiences collectively.

  • A personal year contains the specific energy you will experience within your own 9 year cycle.

So let's say that you are in your 7 personal year within an 8 Universal year. That means that your ability to tap into your spirituality and explore the all the deepest questions will be amplified by the 8 energy of empowerment and action.  Maybe you’re having a 1 personal year within an 8 universal year. The energy of new beginnings and new opportunities, individuation & independence will all be amplified with the 8 energy of material mastery and success.

Ok but what if you are in an 8 personal year within an 8 universal year?  Well that’s a pretty powerful energy, doubly amplified for you.   It will be an incredible year for you to truly master and attain success in all areas of your life where you feel disempowered. You’ll feel doubly motivated to take action, to do the work,  to flip your scripts from disempowerment to empowerment.  You're gonna use everything you've learned from your 6 year of nurturing your relationship with yourself, and from your  7-year of searching for your deeper truths in order to create your most powerful, successful self this year.

If you would like a Personal Year audio-recording that covers the energy of the 8 universal year in depth, the lucky astro energy coming in at the end of 2023, and a personal year forecast with tarot and oracle that includes a look ahead at the next two years, visit this link for an instant audio download.  You’ll need to know your 2024 personal year… 

To calculate, add your birth month + your birthday + 8.  Next, reduce down to single digit unless you get an 11, 22 or 33 (coming soon). For example: A January 7th birthday would be calculated as: 1+7+8 = 16, and then (1+6 = 7) so the personal year for this birthday would be a 7.

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