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The Four Phases of Your Personal Year

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Each numerology personal year contains four phases that support and guide us in mastering the inherent challenges and lessons within each year.

To recap from a previous post, each year in a numerology 9 year cycle will present you with a different energy to help you develop and grow along your spiritual and intuitive path. It's a little help from the Universe and is it's own mini journey within a bigger one.

To calculate your Personal Year Number for 2023, simply add 7 to your month and day of birth. Do not include your year of birth in this calculation.

Example Birthday: April 26

Month: 4

Day: 2+6 = 8

Year: 2+0+2+3 = 7

4 + 8 + 7 =19 (keep adding until you get a single number).

1+9 = 10

1+0 = 1

In this example, the Personal Year for 2023 is 1.

The number of your Personal Year changes on January 1st

If your Personal Year in 2022 is a 1, you move into a 2 Personal Year in 2023,

If your Personal Year is a 2, you move into a 3 Personal Year in 2023, and so on…

However, if you have a 9 Personal Year in 2022, you move into a brand new nine-year cycle in 2023 and begin again with a 1 Personal Year.

  • Year 1 is about new beginnings, experiences and new directions. Possibility: Start something new or lead others in a new direction.

  • Year 2 teaches you how to best relate to the people and partnerships you made in the prior year. Possibility: Find the one or develop partnership.

  • Year 3 provides an opportunity for you to discover the ways in which you express yourself in the most creative and authentic form possible. Possibility: have the time of your life & find that thing that lights you up.

  • Year 4 finds you putting that creativity to work for your future. Building foundations. Possibility: Get a plan in place and build foundations for your future.

  • Year 5 rewards you for all that work with an adventurous, social and fun-loving 12 months because all work and no play - sucks. Possibility: Make new social connections or travel the world.

  • Year 6 supports settling down after a freedom-filled year into a more family and self-focused time of life. Self care, self-love, self-nurturing helps you rest and recharge. Possibility: Move to a new home, marriage or strengthening your relationship with yourself.

  • Year 7 brings you even closer to knowing yourself with seeking of the deeper meaning of life through study, spiritual deepening and intuitive up-leveling. Possibility: Gain a new perspective or skill.

  • Year 8 helps you take all that magic you harnessed the previous year and use it to manifest a life you have worked hard for. It also encourages you to help others do the same. Possibility: Discover your inner power or material wealth and success.

  • Year 9 is about completion and transformation. This is the year to shed all the traits, habits, situations, people and circumstances that no longer serve you, and ready yourself to move into a brand new 9 year cycle. Possibility: Release what is ready to go or watch your dreams come true.

The Four Phases of Your Personal Year Ok, so now lets look at how we might experience these energies in any given year...

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