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A Beautiful New Beginning, If You Surrender To It

June 21, 2024: Full Moon in Capricorn Energy Update

POLARITY: the state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.

Polarity is Yin/Yang, Masculine/Feminine, Fire/Air, and Earth & Water. It's a very special relationship between two things.  

During this Full Moon, we have the Sun in Cancer (Cancer Season) and the Moon in Capricorn at 1º. The beginning. That means we are about to experience a whole new level of consciousness. And that consciousness will continue to deepen through July 21st when we experience a Blue Moon in Capricorn at 29º.

At first glance, Cancer and Capricorn have little in common. Capricorn is considered determined, unemotional, focused and aloof, while Cancer openly shares their sensitivity and uses it to express their words and their creativity. 

But they actually compliment and support each other in really beautiful & important ways. Both are loyal, protective and intuitive, and both can retreat into themselves, preferring intimate relationships with those that have earned their trust and respect.

Located on the opposite side of each other on the zodiac wheel in the 4th and 10th houses, Capricorn (♑︎) energy asks us to look at our relationship with ourselves, our achievements and our relationship with our material world.

Meanwhile, Cancer (♋︎)connects us deeply to our intuition and psychic awareness, to our knowing, feeling and sensing.  It is a time to appreciate and acknowledge the human journey we’ve all been on.

Cancer/Capricorn polarity supports the creation of emotional and material safety in our lives. Collectively we are leveling-up, receiving energy frequency upgrades & consciousness downloads to prepare us for what’s ahead.

See, we've been given a 30 day window for serious release, surrender & completion between that 1 degree and the 29th degree of Capricorn.  Ruled by Saturn, this journey will take us on a 30-day journey, deep into the areas of our life in which we have procrastinated, avoided and generally ignored.

Things could get gnarly (in both the positive definition, and the challenging).

Capricorn energy will amplify any shifts necessary, in order to bring about changes in your perception. Which is exactly what you want, because a change in perception is what changes your actual reality. That’s flawless Capricorn logic.

Humans, Capricorn moons do. not. fuck. around.

It’s time to evolve to a more conscious and intentional relationship with The Universe.

  • It’s time to normalize everyone having access to their intuition.

  • It’s time to normalize developing and evolving our spiritual and intuitive practices.

  • It’s time to normalize everyone having the ability to communicate with (and trust) the Universe. 

So yeah. Now is the time to get really fucking Capricorn-focused about how you want your life to look and get busy creating, planning, visualizing, sensing, manifesting, conjuring, crafting, etc. Whatever your co-creation practices are…


Like I mentioned before, this Capricorn Full Moon is ruled by Saturn and can deliver some hard truths by helping us see the need to take responsibility.  To move out of self-sabotage and into a place of self-leadership – a place where our actions match our desires. Capricorn Full Moon illuminates the reality of our situation in order for us to see the need to take ownership of our life and move it in the direction we most want to go in.

  • Do you have a clear idea of where you are headed, ESPECIALLY if you’re not exactly where you thought you’d be by now?

  • Where do you need more freedom, and where do you need more structure?

  • Do you worry the past is going to repeat itself?

  • Do you still need to release old hurts, relationships, patterns, jobs or ways of thinking that don’t impact your life positively?

If we truly want to become a new version of self, we must adopt a new way of moving through our day, every day. 



Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will be in Gemini over the course of the next year, amplifying our ideas, our style of/need for communication, and expanding our minds. This expansion fuels a shift to a higher frequency of energy, and as a result, a higher consciousness. 

For the next year, embrace the new as you mindfully leave the old behind. It’s time to break karmic cycles, shift a paradigm, and create a new path forward. 

The Universe is on our side; both Jupiter and Capricorn energy moves slowly and steadily, so we aren't under some crazy deadline. We're not going to miss out on something meant for us. Our dedication to consistency is what Cap and Jupiter want from us and it will be greatly rewarded.  We get the most out of our journey when we can appreciate being present for every last step of it. Our lessons integrate and transform us at the deepest cellular level. 



We are about to experience the last traces of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, which started in 2008. And of course, Pluto, the planet of transformation, wants us to gain an awareness of what needs to be dismantled & transformed. Pluto wants you to see what best supports your soul’s growth and evolution.  It's serious about doing what needs to be done in order to take deep & radical responsibility for our life.

Capricorn wants us to see that discipline can be devotion.

This full moon wants you to honor your own unfolding as you create consistency. This is self-love and it is a sacred validation of your own self-worth.

It wants you to have deeper trust in yourself, rather than looking for it outwardly. Yes, the Universe will answer every one of our desires, but we must also be energetically aligned with those desires before anything can show up.  If we aren’t, no amount of asking for divine guidance will help.  

We are co-creators, science assures us of that. 

In order to activate the co in co-creation, we must truly walk the talk, speak the words, and align our actions with them.  So be patient with yourself as you create the foundations that support your more expanded idea of how you want your life to look. 

Put simply, ask yourself: Am I truly committed to transformation if I’m still fucking around with low-vibe shit? 

This Full Moon in Capricorn at 1º through 29º is an ending.

But also a beautiful new beginning if you surrender to it.

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