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Full Moon Wish List: Review, Release + Manifest

2022 End of Year Full Moon Practice

The Full Moon is a celebration of your manifestations, no matter how large or small.

It embodies self-expression and action. It represents completion, illumination, change and growth. We have traveled far, and now it is time to rest and look back on what we have accomplished.

To work with any Full or New Moon energy, it’s easier when you know what sign the moon is in, to intentionally work with the energies of that sign (and strengthen your practices).

This Full Moon falls in the sign of Gemini, and it’s giving us the push we need to communicate our needs, understand our emotions and deepen our trust in our own intuition. This is a time for us to truly understand our path & purpose. In order to live your best life, plan for it by looking at your current goals and make any necessary modifications. Our dreams are rapidly changing and evolving into something different (and even bigger) than we originally thought, so now is the time to lean into the shifts and re-directions going on around you. Don’t fight it; embrace it all with excitement and trust that you’re headed in the right direction.

Another aspect that’s influencing this Full Moon energy is Saturn in Aquarius which supports turning a critical eye to our dreams & goals, and how we contribute to the world. So this energy will help you look at your goals to make sure they are aligned with your heart.

But we also have Mars energy thrown in there… and not only is Mars conjunct the Moon (which means they appear to be close to each other), it’s also retrograde, which amplifies its energy. But it’s really good energy because Mars is the planet of motivation & action. So while it’s in Rx, it helps us look at what we are spending our energy on, and helps us decide if it’s actually worth it. It also helps us identify the thoughts, relationships, habits, and beliefs that need to be let-tf-go.

Release it. The Full Moon marks the end of a cycle.

And finally, this is a time when answers and questions flow with mystical ease between you and your Spirit Guides. Neptune is adding her special magic into the mix, so your empathic, intuitive, psychic, and channeling abilities will deepen. Keep an eye out of for signs, confirmations and validations as guidance. Trust your gut and ASK your Spiritual Team for assistance. Ask for your desires to be met. Ask to be shown validation (which helps you learn to trust your intuition at even deeper levels). If you are open to the signs and take action on them, you WILL receive.

And here’s some really good news for creatives and artists… the opposing energy of the Sun (the self) with the Moon (the shadow) can cause a deepening of emotions, so this is a great time to express yourself creatively.

To leverage all this fiery, lovely lunar energy, try this practice to review, release + manifest by creating a Full Moon wish list:

First, create your space…

  • Gather your tarot/oracle cards, crystals, essential oils, totems, journal & pen, deep bowl or box.

  • Dim the lights.

  • Light a candle and burning some incense.

  • Play meditation music in the background (Solfeggio frequencies can be found on YouTube).

Next, focus on getting comfortable & present. Ground in your body and visualize connecting to your Higher-Self.

Take several deep breaths in through your nose with a long breath out your mouth. This deep breathing triggers your body’s relaxation response.

Now spend a few moments reviewing the last year without self-judgment. Acknowledge how far you have come and what must go. Grab your journal…

  • What questions came up this last year?

  • What needs to be illuminated further?

  • What losses need to be honored?

  • Clarify your life path and purpose. Does it bring you joy and excitement?

  • What tasks, people and situations take you from the things you most enjoy?

  • What thoughts, relationships, behaviors, and beliefs need to be let go?

  • Are your goals still aligned with your dreams?

In your journal, create your 2023 Full Moon Wishes. One by one, list all the things you want to show up into your life over the next year. Write out all your dreams + desires. Every single thing you want to manifest. Let yourself dream as big as you ever have and feel the possibility swirling around your physical body, both inside and out. Give your dreams an outcome you actually believe in. Focus on those you truly trust you are capable of achieving. You wouldn’t have them these dreams if they weren’t meant for you.

Now visualize all the ways in the coming months in which you can help your desires become reality. Think of fun, easy, joyful ways you can take action, even in the smallest form. Our most magnificent manifestations start with a simple desire.

When you’re done creating your Wish List, place it in a mason jar with a lid, and set it outside with your crystals & water to soak up all that magical, mystical, powerful moonlight.

The next morning, retrieve your wish list (and your freshly drenched crystals + moon-water), and place it somewhere you’ll frequently see such as an altar, coffee table or counter-top.

Review your list often to visualize and feel the energy of your wishes. This powers-up your manifestations in a major way. Again, physically feel the possibility swirling around your body, both inside and out.

Gratitude and appreciation are also an important aspect of this process. Offer appreciation for any divine assistance you received, and offer appreciation to yourself because you experienced it all. Over the course of the last year, give appreciation for all the things you experienced both good and bad, joyful and challenging. The growth you achieved, and the ability to integrate it all in a positive, healthy way is your reward. Recognize your own growth. You deserve it.

And lastly, I pulled a card for the collective to give us all a little more insight on where to focus our energies in this practice…

Attend to the Details: Manifesting our biggest desires doesn’t happen when we're carrying around worries, self-doubt and fears. Before you can make room for the good stuff to come in, you have to release some of the clutter that takes up valuable space in your head and your heart. Worry and doubt clogs up and slows down our ability to manifest, so do the work to clear it out. Address any emotional and mental "clutter" and watch the magic happen.

Your affirmation is: I am guided and protected by the divine.

The Universe needs you to have an open heart and show up doubt-free in order to give magic the space to flow in.

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