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These earrings are hand cut, hand forged and hand-hammered with hand shaped hooks. It doesn't get more hand-crafted than that.  


Made of .925 Sterling Silver,  it contains the power and magic of Amplification.  Silver represents the Moon, shining a light on the unseen.  Known to enhance the powers of lunar cycles and energizing other stones during the full and new moons.


Wearing silver enhances intuition, love and well-being. It's the metal of emions, the psychic mind, and of loving & healing. When coupled or worn with gemstones, the metal amplifies the qualities of the stones, allowing for a gentle flow of energy between the two. 


Brass represents Mars, the planet of action, inner strength, motivation, ambition and inner knowing. The energy of this precious metal supports self-confidence, emotional healing, and attracts abundance & wealth. 


Each Mystic Metal + Stone piece is infused with the intention to help you stay aligned with your original soul blueprint, and keep you moving in the direction of your most authentic expression of self. This is a hand-forged one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Variations and imperfections should be expected and celebrated.


Follow your True North.

Sterling Silver & Brass Sunburst Earrings

  • Chemicals & Water

    Strong chemicals, sulfur, sweat & perspiration, chlorine, and harsh sunlight can tarnish and corrode the shine in your silver.

    Don't shower with your jewelry on, but if you forget to take it off, make sure to dry it with a clean towel after.

    Take your silver off when going in the pool or  chlorinated water. Chlorine is a harsh chemical, so if you forget to remove your silver jewelry, rinse and clean it afterward. The heat in a hot tub can accelerate the chemical reaction.

    Sulfur in natural hot springs will antique your silver, so if you love the "dark oxidized" look, great! If not, take silver and copper off.

    Chemicals in lotions and perfumes can also cause your jewelry to tarnish. Apply them first, let them dry, and then put your jewelry on.


    Air exposure can tarnish your silver. so it's best not to leave it in an open jewelry chest. Store it in individual bags. Avoid putting pieces in the same bag, this can create tangling, scratching and tarnishing.

    Silica gel packets provide anti-tarnish protection; save them for your jewelry box.

    Take Your Jewelry Off

    Preventative care is significantly easier than dealing with damaged or tarnished jewelry. Remove jewelry during the following times:

    • When doing dishes, laundry, and when using cleaning supplies.
    • When exercising, at the gym, or playing contact sports
    • When showering or bathing
    • Swimming, hot tubs, or saunas
    • When lying in the sun
    • When applying lotion, makeup, hair products, perfume, etc.
    • When preparing food or cooking
    • Outside tasks (gardening, mowing, etc.)


    Sterling Silver can be cared for using a simple polishing or microfiber cloth. Use long up-and-down strokes with different parts of the cloth to avoid spreading tarnish. Do not use a circular motion and be sure to avoid polishing any part of the jewelry that is intentionally oxidized.


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