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Super New Moon in Capricorn: Make Space for Your Magic

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Lovely humans, you all know how much I dig talking about finding your purpose!

I have good news if you don't know what you're meant to do in this life... The Super New Moon on December 23rd is the one to help you figure it out.

Define Your Purpose & Goals, and Empower Your Practices

In readings, I’ll often ask someone what they're passionate about. When they tell me they "honestly have no idea”, I'm legit shook. They truly do not know. And I understand that it can feel like you don’t when you see everyone else around you defining theirs, but our purpose isn’t an occupation, it’s a specific set of traits, skills and abilities we are meant to master and share with the greater good.

Our purpose isn’t some big, grand plan. It’s an urge, a calling, a quiet, persistent internal nudge. It’s inspiration and creativity. It’s who we are. It lives within us, not outside of us, and we can have several different purposes at different times in our lives.

This Capricorn New Moon energy is here to help us discover what within us calls, urges and persists. What bring you joy, excitement and peace all at the same time? In this lunar energy, intentionally connect with who you are, what you love and what lights you tf up. That’s where you’ll find your fire. That’s where you’ll connect with the thing your soul came here to do.

What To Expect as We Move Into 2023

New beginnings and the start of a new chapter…

Right before this New Moon, Jupiter enters Aries, which will shape the energies of the year ahead. Jupiter in Aries indicates that 2023 will be a year of new beginnings and long-term success where you could experience major expansion, growth, stretching your comfort zone and dreams unfolding even bigger than you imagined. Whatever intentions are set at this time will be the stage for what 2023 has to offer you... in bigger ways than you can imagine. That's the influence of Jupiter.

Good news, fellow Capricorns and Cap Risings! What I get from all the forecasts I watch/read and listen to, is that this a year of exciting and ambitious new beginnings that will be felt for years to come! Goats, this is the time to embrace your dreams and turn them into something REAL, especially in your home/family/property and private life. Revisit your passions – the things that light you up – it could change things in a big way. I keep hearing “launch”. Businesses, passion projects – anything that gives the Universe an avenue through which to help you pursue a dream – small or big. Just wait until after January 12th for the Rx's to go direct. We'll get to those later.

Manifest on the Solstice – December 21st!

As we look ahead to a new year, our manifesting abilities are amplified in this powerful lunation! It brings in a cosmic refresh which can prompt us to set important intentions to change things in a BIG way. A new leaf so to speak. But here’s the thing - Saturn's vibes are especially intense right now, so practice patience. This is also a great time for learning new skills, and making the first move. We’re in Cap, after all, and the goat is all about taking initiative (they manifest through commitment, tenacity and focus). You also want to visualize & daydream like a mother-trucker. Cap energy supports imagination and visualization, so now is the perfect time to picture what you want and map out a plan that will get you there. Solstice energy supports new beginnings, and this is why it’s such amazing energy in which to set intentions, goals and plans. Visualize or imagine what you want using the same steps found in the December Full Moon Manifestation practice I posted earlier this month; simply tweak it to support New Moon intentions. Just remember to do it on December 21st for the most powerful energy to ignite your manifestations.

New Moon – December 23rd

This New Moon will be extra close to Earth, making it a Super Moon. While we won’t see it, we will definitely FEEL it – strong, potent and emotionally charged because of that square with Jupiter in Aries which will help us uncover emotions that have been buried. Just let yourself feel them, express them and then reap the benefits of their processing. Use this energy to continue to heal any heavy emotions to prep you for YOUR new beginning. This is big energy and supports the desire to take tangible steps toward manifesting MORE of the good stuff in your life.

Mars Rx

Mars energy is the secret ingredient. Mars is the planet of motivation & action, so while it’s in Rx, it helps us look at where we are focusing our energy, and helps us decide if it’s actually worth it. It also helps us identify the thoughts, relationships, habits, and beliefs that need to be LET. GO. But also, Mars could throw up a roadblock when it comes to our projects (setbacks & stalled progress) until mid January, so in the mean-time, just set those goals and visualize your desired outcomes. That's an incredibly important piece of the puzzle.

Mercury Rx Shortly after the New Moon, Mercury will join Mars in Rx which is just more validation to take our time, revisit the past, and look for any wisdom & knowledge to be gained from it. See, Mars helps us understand our own learning process and HOW we best learn our personal lessons. It’s a great energy to help us move forward – by FIRST going backward to revisit & release - in order to move ahead. Ahhhh see what the Universe did there?

Just another example of how we are given everything we need in order to walk our path, and that includes tools for healing.

Speaking of healing…

Last but not least, we have Chiron in the mix

Chiron the Wounded Healer will be squaring the New Moon on December 23rd, the same day it goes direct, so it might feel like an extra wound-y and challenging time. Chiron is giving us the energy to work through the emotions related to our soul wounds – and they will most definitely be triggered by those we have the biggest connections to (family, friends, etc.). Chiron encourages us to take a deeper look at what disempowers us and turn it into a strength. If there is something you know you truly need to heal, use this New Moon to set an intention & get started.

So dream big, beautiful people! Then spend time visualizing/imagining those dreams while your inner Capricorn takes you into 2023 with confidence and determination.

Be sure to check out the Super New Moon Tarot Spread I dropped here on the Tools For The Modern Mystic page. Enjoy!

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