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Communicating With Your Spirit Guides and Spiritual Team

This is so much easier than you might think. As 3D beings, we require a response to our questions or requests. That response might not be the one we want, or even very clear, but when we communicate with another person, we generally get a response we can hear.

We don't typically get that from our Spirit Guides, tho. We have to learn and develop our own personal language with them through signs, symbols, our clair-abilities, etc.

Ok so let’s talk about what it looks like to communicate with Spirit…

If it’s not a part of your intuitive practices, I recommend you add it, and it's really as simple as talking to them in your mind, or writing a journal entry.

In terms of developing intuitively, it’s a critical part of creating a solid relationship & connection with your guides.

But here’s the thing… communication doesn't have to take place only when you desire something. You can practice it when you want to give appreciation and praise, when you’re at peace and happy with your life, when you just want to say hello to your Guides, or when you simply want to feel closer to them. Send up the love and speak from your heart.

As your connection strengthens, you'll recognize when their guidance shows up in your life more quickly and more easily. This is ultimately what helps you develop faith in your Spiritual Team as you also learn to trust that your requests for assistance will always be heard and honored.

Hopefully this info-meme will help! If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below and feel free as the most magikal fae to share on the socials!

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