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2023: A Year of Mirrors

Welp, 2023 was quite the year. Most people struggled with the energy - and with good reason.

We experienced two powerfully aspected eclipse seasons, Pluto entered Aquarius for the first time since 1798, the lunar Nodes entered Aries and Libra, and we were challenged by a number of significant planets in retrograde at the same time.

All this took place within a Universal 7 year that sort of "strong-armed" us into doing the necessary inner work of self-discovery and growth through introspection.

No wonder it feels like we were put through it.

So while the word "peace" in this image is a good word for it, to me it feels more like "relief" (which could be considered the same thing, I guess). I'm just over here exhaling and taking a damn minute - to just be.

I am relieved that I made it through a year that showed me every single little thing that could potentially cause me to give up. 2023 had a way of forcing me to look my biggest fears in the face, in order to literally fucking dismantle the parts of me that feel disempowered.

Yes, 2023 has shown us what we are afraid of, and it has shown us the truth about ourselves.

It has shown us the fears we didn’t believe ourselves capable of facing, and it has shown us the challenging outcomes of beliefs/trauma/wounding/emotional programming that was never ours to begin with.

It showed us the need to heal our self-worth and work toward greater self-acceptance.

2023 has shown us that we are worthy of love and success.

2023 has forced us to come face to face with, and embrace, what we are capable of.

2023 helped me redefine who I see when I look in the mirror.

  • I am safe.

  • I am willing to step out of my mind and into my heart whenever I need clarity and resolution.

  • I release fear with self-love and self-trust in order to create space in my life for what inspires me.

  • I give myself permission to dream, learn, and explore.

  • I step into a new paradigm where inspiration, joy and love can find me.

I'm giving myself permission to let go in 2024, to relax into total acceptance and surrender to my most authentic expression of self, to recognize all the areas of my life where I feel disempowered and take inspired action to turn it all into a feeling & embodiment of empowerment.

So lets talk about WHY we had to see all that, shall we...

2024 Ushers In A Collective Up-Level

Our 2023 struggles, while challenging, were prepping us for a next-level-collective-up-level. Everyone went through it in a unique way and came out of it with a higher consciousness and the knowledge that there were certain things in their life that MUST change.

So yeah - a massive cycle is ending, and a new one is beginning as of 12:01am on 1/1/24.

Remember, we are entering a Universal 8 Year in Numerology - this puts us in the energy of empowerment, action, material abundance and success... 2024 supports achievement and putting in the work to create what we dreamed of in 2023's 7 Universal Year.

Remember all the posts & articles and memes telling us to dream big? Yeah well, it's now GO TIME and those dreams are on the way.

Why now?

Pluto, the planet of regeneration, transformation, destruction, construction, and rebirth, has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008. But on January 20th, Pluto moves into Aquarius until September (and then briefly goes back into Capricorn for a few months). But in November, Pluto moves back into Aquarius for the next 20 years.

Why all the back and forth?

Moving between Capricorn and Aquarius will keep highlighting our need to break free from a reliance on external authorities & sources for our physical, emotional, mental and material needs.

We are being awakened to take responsibility for being the authority of our OWN lives and livelihood.

It's the beginning of a planet-wide evolution of actually giving a fuck about our fellow human beings regardless of gender, race, religion and any other iteration of diversity and unique expression.

Pluto in Aquarius will govern from a place of compassion, empathy, and equality.

This shift is a call to take charge by unlearning old, outdated, unbalanced, unjust, patriarchal & capitalistic structures of survival.

We are being shown that old "ways of doing" life, will literally hold us back from creating an existence filled with abundance, prosperity, joy, free-will, wellness and love.

Since 2008, Pluto in Capricorn has shown us authoritarian governments and corporations growing in power. But the impact of this has been an incredibly unbalanced distribution of wealth and power. Pluto in Capricorn has also shown us the challenging life circumstances experienced by the majority of the population while a very small percent % of the worlds richest live a life of ease, corruption, greed and power.

Pluto in Aquarius will show us how it is OUR job to turn the tables on the current societal construct... simply by awakening and stepping into our specific and unique Soul Blueprint.

Those with Master Numbers in their numerology charts are coming to me left and right for Soul Blueprint Akashic Readings. Guided by their spirit guides, more and more of the younger Gens are finding their way to those who can help them awaken to and step onto their true path to help heal this broken, but beautiful world.

My legacy and passion is to re-align you with your souls truth. My purpose is to remind you of the plan your Higher Self wrote for you in the Life Between Life stage, pre-incarnation.

I am here to remind you of your path, your purpose, your expression, your heart's desire, your innate skills and abilities, the karmic lessons and debt you mean to balance in this life. I am here to remind you of your soul's purpose, path and most authentic expression of yourself.

Listen, badass - you are here on Earth to leave a fucking legacy - and no amount of self-doubt or imposter syndrome will keep you from it.

We are experiencing the thrill of incarnation during one of the most extraordinary times in Earth's history, and you are an INTEGRAL part of it's unfolding.

You are good enough.

You are ready.

You were BORN for this.

You are WORTHY of the resulting success and abundance.

You are not an imposter. You have all the skills, knowledge and talent to do the things that light you TF up from the inside, and share those things with the world around you...

Pluto in Aquarius is how we will dismantle restrictive constructs and pave the way for human evolution via Pluto in Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc... for our children and beyond.

To find out more about how Pluto specifically impacts your generation, listen to Esoterix Podcast's, Episode 102: The Generations as Defined by Pluto, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

To explore your Akashic Soul Blueprint & re-align with your soul's plan, and for validation of your innate skills, abilities, goals, karma and past lives that are the source of your current life challenges, book a virtual session with me, or connect with me in-person at Psychic Sister in Portland, OR on specific dates per month.

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