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Spiritual Tetralogy

Spiritual Tetralogy is a unique intuitive reading and exploration of your spiritual evolution through your karma, lessons, soul contracts,
your body's energy profile and your souls intended transformation.

It's the story of your spiritual awakening, rebirth & transformation.


I'm Jo Figueras, Spiritual Medium, Akashic Record Consultant, Consciousness Growth Mentor and the co-host of the Esoterix Podcast. 


During a Tetralogy reading, I'll  open your Akashic Record and explore the goals of your soul and higher-self through your Numerology, Astrology and Human Design, giving you insight into the path forward that best supports your many purposes, skills, karma, soul contracts, and soul goals.


Through teaching intuitive empowerment practices, one-on-one readings, workshops & retreats or podcast content, I'll connect you to your own intuitive knowing for clarity, wisdom and an empowered new paradigm forward. 


Working with me will give you the teachings and tools to connect to your soul's original blueprint within you, where it's been all along. 

"My soul lights up when I'm helping you align with the things that light YOU up.  I connect deeply with people who are ready for profound growth within their own consciousness and abilities. Those ready to level-up intuitively and offer their best-self to the world. Those who know in their soul they are meant to shift, but just can't see what that "looks like", or where they are meant to go. Working with me can re-align you with your "True North" in the most empowering and intentional way possible."

My most fulfilling work is to re-introduce you to your original Soul Blueprint, written in the Life-Between-Life phase, pre-incarnation. 


To guide you through the discovery of spiritual and intuitive practices that help you awaken, heal, transform and align with the deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of your souls evolution. 


To help you master your life with faith, self-trust

and a deep inner connection to The Universe, your inner knowing and most importantly, yourself.



You have reached the intersection of your personal Numerology, Astrology and Human Design charts,
explored within the energy of your Akashic Record. 

Humans are multi-passionate beings meant to explore more than one purpose, more than one career or interest that lights us up.

But our path to get there is singular & quite unique.


As an Intuitive Practices Guide,

I resonate deeply with individuals who are poised for

profound growth, ready to level-up

intuitively, emotionally and materially.


Those ready to intentionally engage their intuition in order to move toward their most Authentic Self-Expression within the world.


These are the individuals ready to master their 

spiritual journey.  

Is this you?  Are you ready to move out of a seemingly challenging perspective or phase of life? Are you experiencing dissatisfaction & uncertainty, or a desire for major change & transformation?


Do you know at the deepest levels that you are meant to shift toward a new direction, but are uncertain where to go or how to begin?  


Through the exploration and understanding of your soul's Akashic Blueprint, you'll learn to develop a conscious and intentional connection and communication style  with The Universe and strengthen your own inner wisdom and intuition.  You'll learn to trust yourself and your decisions in the most empowering way possible.

My process of intuitive connection is through Akashic energy, using Spiritual Mediumship to channel divine Universal wisdom and spiritual guidance, as well as interpret your

Numerology, Astrology and Human Design charts

with accuracy and insight. 

Over the years I've grown my own spiritual and intuitive practices to include modalities that fully support my work with those who are currently awakening and seeking: Channeling & Spiritual Mediumship, Energy Work & Balancing using Sound Frequencies, Meditation, Intuitive Development, Conversational Tarot & Oracle, Spiritual Mentorship + Coaching,

Numerology, Evolutionary & Karmic Astrology, Human Design

and working in the energy of the Akashic Records.


Invite Me

I am available for podcast guest opportunities, facilitating classes and workshops, and personal akashic readings & guided meditations

at your business or organization (both virtual and in-person).

Contact me to talk about how I can share my work with your world. 

To nourish my creative soul, I design mixed metal jewelry in my private studio, and produce The Esoterix Podcast a few times a month.  Together with my co-host Fioraliz, we explore metaphysical, new age & spiritual topics with a never-too-serious style for fun & engaging conversations around all things mystical, as well as current events

and social justice & responsibility. 


We also facilitate empowerment & healing workshops/retreats

around the United States.

Thank You for taking the time to learn about my work and passions!  

I hope to connect with you in some way,   



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