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Thank you for exploring my website!  I'm here to help you find clarity & empowerment in your life, your career and in all your  intuitive & spiritual practices as you become the powerful, intentional human you were born to be.


Make sure you stop by my blog, Tools for the Modern Mystic for information + freebies to help you develop fun + effective intuitive + spiritual practices!"

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Jo Figueras is an Intuitive,  Silversmith

and Podcaster

living in the beautiful

Pacific Northwest. 


"Growing up in Michigan, I never considered leaving my home state... but during the summer of 2020, I closed my studio, purged 75% of my belongings, and jumped in a U-Haul with my adventure-loving niece for an epic cross-country journey.  It’s been the most incredible and life affirming thing I’ve ever done, and the best decision I’ve made."

As a Capricorn Sun, Numerology Lifepath 33/6, and a Human Design Manifesting Generator… her soul lights up when she's  guiding, teaching and helping you align with the things that light YOU up.  Her process of connection is through the Akashic Records using Psychic Mediumship, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience, channeling both insight and energy. Over the years she's continued to broaden her intuitive practices as her list of metaphysical tools has grown: Energy Work/Reiki, Numerology, Astrology, Human Design, Quantum Manifestation, and more.

"I connect deeply with people who are working with life uncertainty, major change & pivotal moments: personal and career dissatisfaction, new relationships, break-ups & divorce, career transitions/challenges, empty nesters, the death of a loved-one, and those who "just know" they are meant to do something bigger, but just can seem to figure it out."

Working with her can help you re-align with your "true north" -  which can and will change over the years.  You'll learn to develop + deepen your connection with your intuition in the most empowering and intentional way possible.


"To feed MY soul, I use my intuitive abilities to design mixed metal  jewelry featuring crystal gemstones that support your personal energy blueprint. I also co-host The Esoterix Podcast, a show that explores metaphysical, spiritual & mystical topics with a never-too-serious style.  Along with my co-host Fioraliz, we are always down for fun & engaging conversations around metaphysics, current events, social justice & responsibility, and all-things spiritual.  We also host mind/body wellness retreats in beautiful parts of the United States."

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