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A multi -passion lifepath...

I do all the things that light me up. 


I am a Spiritual Practices Guide, a Silversmith/Jewelry Artisan, a Podcaster, and an Akashic Records Consultant living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

All the things that fill me with joy.

Humans are meant to have more than one purpose.

The path to get there is what is singular and unique.

As a Capricorn Sun/Libra Rising, Numerology Lifepath 33/6, and a Human Design Manifesting Generator, I am blessed to live a life where I have ditched the hustle culture and immersed myself in the things that call to my soul...


 I'm here to show you how to do that too. 

My process of intuitive connection is through the timeless energy of the Akashic Records, using Spiritual Mediumship to channel insight and Universal wisdom.

Over the years I've grown my spiritual practices into those that best support my work with the awakening collective, and those looking to level-up their connection with co-creation. Practices that have been integral to my evolution as a creative: Energy Work, Numerology, Astrology, Human Design, Meditation, Intuitive Development, Divination Tools, and more... 

As a Spiritual Practices Guide, I resonate deeply with individuals who are poised for profound growth within their own consciousness, ready to level-up intuitively, emotionally and materially. These are the individuals ready to elevate their intuition and co-create their most authentic expression to share with the world. These are the individuals ready to master their original soul blueprint.  

Is this you?  Are you ready to move out of a consistently challenging phase of life? Are you experiencing life uncertainty, major change & pivotal moments, a desire for a career re-alignment and personal transition?  Do you feel as if you know at the deepest levels you are meant to shift into a new paradigm, but just can't see what that might "look like", where you are meant to go, or how to get started?  


Working with me can re-align you with your "True North" (which can and will change over the years).  You'll learn to develop + deepen your connection with your inner wisdom and your higher consciousness in the most empowering and intentional way possible.


To nourish my soul, I design mixed metal & crystal gemstone jewelry and I co-host The Esoterix Podcast with my soul-sister Fioraliz.  Together we explore metaphysical & spiritual topics with a never-too-serious style for fun & engaging conversations around all things mystical, as well as current events and social justice & responsibility. We are excited and blessed to be able to facilitate empowering holistic wellness workshops and retreats in beautiful parts of the United States.

Thank You for stopping by my world and I hope to connect with you in some way.  



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