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I’m Jo, a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Jewelry Designer/Silversmith, and Podcaster currently living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Portland, OR.  Growing up in Michigan, I never considered leaving, but in the summer of 2020, I closed my studio, purged 75% of my belongings and jumped in a U-Haul with my adventure-loving niece for the most epic cross-country journey of my life.  It’s been the most incredible and life affirming thing I’ve ever done, and the best decision I’ve made yet.


As a Capricorn Sun, Numerology Lifepath 33/6, and a Human Design Manifesting Generator… my soul lights up when I’m teaching and helping you align with the things that light YOU up, too.

By combining your Numerology, Astrology and Human Design within the Akashic Records, I interpret all the pieces of your Soul Blueprint and how they fit together to create magic, manifestation, and abundance.

  • Numerology is your plan (the what).

  • Astrology is the details (the why).

  • Human Design is your instruction manual (the how).


When combined, they create a “guide” to help you align with your life purpose and make decisions with clarity, ease, joy and confidence.  You learn to trust yourself in every moment to create the life you dream of.

It's a toolkit to help you align with the truth of who you are: a powerful soul that already holds the blueprint you pre-wrote for mastering your current human experience. 

To feed my soul, I’m a Silversmith who uses my intuitive abilities  (and your Soul Blueprint)  to design custom crystal gemstone jewelry that best supports your personal energy blueprint. 


I’ve been psychic since I was born, receiving the abilities from my grandmother and her mother before her. I’ve spent the last 10 years helping hundreds of Empaths and Intuitives shine their light and share their unique skills and abilities with the world. 

Over the years I’ve continued to develop and strengthen my own intuitive practices as the list of metaphysical and spiritual tools in my toolbelt has grown: Energy Work/Reiki, The Akashic Records, Numerology, Astrology, Intuitive Tarot & Oracle, Human Design, Telepathy, Manifestation… and more.

When using my Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Channeling abilities, I help others learn to develop their own intuitive abilities and spiritual practices.  

I also co-host the Esoterix Podcast, a weekly show that explores metaphysical, spiritual & mystical topics with a never-too-serious style.  Along with my soul-siter Fioraliz, we are two modern-day mystics, always down for fun & engaging conversations about spiritual topics, current events, social justice & responsibility, and all-things woo.  


We also host weekend retreats with various themes in beautiful parts of the United States.    

Thank you for exploring my website!  I hope you find clarity & empowerment in your life, your career and in all your modern intuitive & spiritual practices to become the mystical, magical, POWERFUL being you were born to be!


Make sure you stop by & subscribe to my page, Tools for the Modern Mystic for information + freebies to help you develop fun + effective intuitive + spiritual practices!

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