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The 10:10 Portal Kicking off Eclipse Season, Self-Acceptance and Alignment with our Divine Soul Blue

When I first started working in the Akashic Records, one of the first things I was shown was how our Akashic Soul Blueprint (aka, our soul’s plan, divine design, purpose) is created by our Higher-Self in the Life Between Life phase while we are still in spirit. But as the years have passed and I’ve learned more and more about the Soul Blueprint, I’ve begun to see just how intrinsically numerology and astrology are connected to (and nurture) our soul’s journey.

These two modalities work like a computer processor for the “software” of our blueprint.

  • Numerology is the WHAT (what is my purpose, my skills, interests and character traits)?

  • Astrology is the WHY (why am I learning this particular lesson)?

  • Note: Human design is the HOW (how do I use my specific design to make decisions and take action)? More about that some other time.

To explore and understand your unique and individual Soul Blueprint, I suggest booking an in-depth Tetralogy Reading with me. It’s a next-level exploration of your numerology/astrology/human design charts & placements with a focus on your souls spiritual purpose. It’s a star-based guide through your soul blueprint written by your Higher-Self in the Akashic Records and it gives you SO much cool & empowering information.

On to the point of this post…

When I was going over the astrological timeline for October from one of my favorite sources,, I noticed how October is providing a flawless example of how the coming astrology is aligned to support personal transformation.

Even if you don’t follow your numerology & astrology, you are still being guided and nudged by the Universe.

How? Lemme explain…

Each astro phase amplifies different traits, emotions and energies depending on the planets & zodiac sign involved (as well as the house).

  • Each planet represents a different action or emotion (reason, love, accomplishment, imagination, healing, power, potential, limitation, expansion, etc. and each zodiac represents a certain trait).

  • When these planets express their energy through the various houses, transits and aspects of our birth chart, they directly influence and activate the experiences, challenges, and lessons pre-written in our personal and unique Soul Blueprint.

This is why your birthdate and time is so important. Your soul has infinite knowledge of what cosmic influences are to come. Therefore, the soul is extremely deliberate in choosing the perfect day/time of your human incarnation, in order to bring about the most desired result based on future astrological events. Again, it’s a computer processor.

Of course, the soul desires success and triumph as their intended outcome, but humans have free-will and don’t always follow our souls plan. But if we are committed to self-improvement and spiritual awareness, The Universe will always give us another opportunity to try again to “get it right” at some point. We can never fail when we continue to learn and grow, always aligning with our soul’s plan.

Ok so now to the fun part where I break down just what energies are at play and HOW they influence each other to help motivate and empower us to make necessary changes.

To kick it all off, on October 10th, we’ll experience the 10:10 Energy Portal, which represents balance and harmony. 10:10 is the portal to new beginnings. We are now entering the action phase of this cycle, and our manifestations will begin to show up for the remainder of the year where we’ll be “building” upon the foundations we’ve created since April, and connecting to all the things that light up our heart and soul. On October 10th, Pluto (the planet of power/personal power) stations direct and this forward motion helps us align with our ability to create lasting change to become the best version of ourselves.

  • Angel Number 1010 holds the vibrations of double number 1 which represents new beginnings, creation and creativity, motivation, progress, intuition and inspiration. We create our own realities with our thoughts, words and actions. 1010 also carries the powerful energy of number 0 appearing twice, representing potential and choice, amplifying these qualities.

  • In Numerology, the number 1 holds the energy of independence, determination, originality, leadership, and self-reliance, able to accomplish whatever is ahead.

It’s a powerful day and we are being encouraged to trust ourselves AND the Universal energies at play, to guide us toward our most desired experiences.

“Divine support is on your side as you navigate your journey, shed outdated beliefs, and welcome transformation”. ~ Forever Conscious

  • On October 11th, Mars enters Scorpio (the planet of action and the sign of transformation): Your determination intensifies as Mars ignites your passion for inner and outer transformation. Embrace this cosmic fire as you courageously step into the powerful person you are meant to be.

  • On October 14th, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra (the sign of balance and harmony): This eclipse brings in a fresh start and the chance to heal; an opportunity to release the old shit to make room for inner and outer change.

  • On October 17th, Juno the Asteroid Goddess, enters Virgo (the sign of independence, wholeness and healing). Wherever Juno is in our charts, we could be triggered, but also empowered! Juno’s influence enhances our commitment to deepening our connections with others and to break free from old patterns.

  • On October 22nd, Mercury (the planet of expression) enters Scorpio, (the sign of transformation, rebirth and renewal). Deep and meaningful communications, conversations and inner revelations are brought to our awareness to support both inner and outer transformation.

  • On October 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio (rebirth and renewal), to help us become the best version of ourselves in a powerful energy of self-discovery and embracing change.

  • On October 25th, the Moon (our shadow) in Pisces (our intuition), joins up with Neptune (our higher consciousness) in Pisces (our intuition). This little party will seriously heighten our intuitive and empathetic abilities to help us understanding our wounding at the deepest levels for a greater capacity for self-compassion and self-acceptance.

  • And finally, on October 28th, we will experience a Full Moon (release) Lunar Eclipse (life-changing evolution) in Taurus (abundance and pleasure): This eclipse encourages you to FINALLY surrender all the shit that just keeps you stuck in the same of old life patterns and ready for/embrace a period of transformative change. A Lunar Eclipse is your chance to break free from old programming and legitimately begin a brand new life experience.

So as you can see, astrology provides our Soul Blueprint with the perfect energy to support us by activating the emotions and traits most needed to be addressed within, to help us move forward.

You can also see how/why some cosmic events can feel incredibly challenging for all of us at some point.

Soul Blueprint Timeline Activation

The healing journey of our soul is written in our blueprints, but each blueprint has its own unique timeline. Even though our souls might not be ready or on the path to make transformative changes in our lives yet, our soul will still feel the impact of what wounding we live with, and what must eventually go. It’s simply not time for some of us (due to divine timing & divine order) to activate our healing and transformation phase. And that’s OK, because everyone’s timeline is unique, but some of you may still feel the energetic prompts form the Universe.

Others of you might not feel a single thing, and this is also an indicator that your timeline simply hasn’t yet activated. You may need more time to accumulate experiences and perspectives that will eventually support or trigger your healing journey.

No one is left behind and we all have our own unique & divine timeline, based on the day and time of our birth.

Tarot and Oracle Message

To help clarify even further, I pulled a tarot and oracle card for the collective:

The Tower, #16. When broken down into a single digit, the number 7 represents seeking the deeper meaning in all things. This card indicates a shift in your quantum timeline. These eclipses may force a shift that shows up in a de-constructive and chaotic way. They may fundamentally change the way we see our reality and the way we move into the next phase of our life. When structures and foundations have fallen away, you may now find yourself in the chaos of change. Through it, we walk toward a brand new experience. The chaos that these eclipses can bring is simply the realization that old programming and habits will no longer support you. When the foundations around you have fallen apart, it’s time to shift through the rubble and identify what is still solid and standing. Honestly, the lesson of the tower is simply to “be with it all”. Be present, find the beauty in the moment and trust that you're going to be held and supported by the Universe.

The oracle that supports the message of the Tower is The Grand Trine, #46. When broken down into a single digit, we get a 1 representing new beginnings, new opportunities & new directions.

When the Grand Trine energy comes up, we can all be assured that we are entering a time of flow and ease. Many of the challenges that we fear and expect are actually being lifted. We're moving into a period of harmony & ease.

There is a path of least resistance, we simply need to keep our focus on our soul purpose and our desires in order for it to find you in the right place at the right time to experience lucky breaks & opportunities. You might meet a person who will be a partner - not only supportive of you and your successes, but someone who will help advance you and your goals. This is an excellent time to expand in terms of finance and career strategies. Your path is cleared. The most important thing is to follow through on everything you started.

While this card indicates harmony and blessings, they won't take care of themselves; you must take action. You deserve the success that is soon to be yours, so stay in the flow, trust in The Universe, apply real effort, and continue to do the work.

I hope you find this info helpful through the coming eclipse season. I feel like it’s going to be challenging for some, yet incredibly freeing and exhilarating as well.

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