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Personal Day Numbers to Plan Important Events

2023 is a 7 Universal Year and there is no better energy to support the exploration of any & all mystical topics & interests!

If it lights you up, even a little, go deeper into it... you may just find your "purpose" or the thing you are meant to do in order to drive you closer to your purpose. Yep, the Universe does shit like that on purpose, so if it sparks in interest within, it's meant for you in SOME way. I'm a Birthday 7 (The Seeker of Deeper Meaning & Knowledge), so I spend pretty much every day of my life deep-diving down woo-woo rabbit holes. So this year, I plan to share many of the cool little bits I come across to help you develop stronger intuitive and spiritual practices, both here and on The Esoterix Community on Facebook.

Ok so let's talk about Numerology Personal DAY Numbers...

Similar to Personal Year Numbers that provide insight into the energy you'll likely experience in any given year, Personal Day Numbers provide insight into the energy we experience on a day-to-day basis. It's a super helpful tool for scheduling things like job interviews, product launches, classes, self-care, readings, important meetings, trips, events, etc.

The website app I use by Affinity Numerology, gives you a full 30 days at a time. By changing the month in a drop-down, you can get up to a full 12 months of personal day numbers.

For a limited time, you can get an even BIGGER picture of what's ahead for you this year. I'm still pulling 2023 Personal Year Forecasts for $77 via Venmo (only for a super-limited time, tho). If you want one, direct message my FB biz page, The Akashic Studio with your name, birthday & email, an

d I'll reply with my Venmo handle & last four #'s. They aren't listed on this site, you can only get them the old-skool way, DM.

Try Affinity Numerology's Personal Day Calculator here:

And be sure to add your Personal Day Numbers & their descriptions to your personal calendar for a look into your energy for the day ahead.

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