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On Fire - A Spiritual UpLevel

As the Aries Full Moon lights up the end of September, collectively (and very individually) we are experiencing a Spiritual Up-Level.

Also, worth mentioning are the couple of eclipses just around the corner, whose energy supports the change so many of us are looking forward to after having felt a little directionless. Keep holding onto the dream… things will feel different around Mid-October.

You may also have noticed friends, family, and the accounts you follow on the socials making announcements about BIG & exciting things happening for them. This is their next-step after that Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto Grand Trine energy on 9/16, showing us it wasn’t all talk and no action. See! Aren't you glad you allowed yourself to dream so fucking big?

We are in the midst of a collective up-level, so if it feels more uncomfortable than not, you are definitely exactly where you are meant to be. Chiron is in the mix as well, reminding us to find the power in our wounds. We’ll talk a little more about that later.

Now is the time to close out old timelines, align with new paths, and identify/discover your personal idea of the inner fire that lights you up. Transformation & Rebirth bring inspiration, and a renewed sense of what makes you happy. Try to get clear on what that is or simply ask the Universe to help you see.

In this 7 Universal Year, 2023 has been prepping us for a spiritual renewal, by bestowing the cosmic forces upon us that best support our inner work. Big clearings leave room for something new to replace it – empowerment.

But First, Let’s Talk a Little More About Aries

Aries, Aries, Aries…

The first sign of the zodiac, the leader of the pack, and the one to get things moving.

Aries are the initiators who never shy from new directions, opportunities or situations. Those born under this sign are often called the Pioneers of the Zodiac because of their fearless march into the unknown. New directions, opportunities and experiences (and all the potential & possibility that comes with it), LIGHTS an Aries TF up.

That energy is exactly what we need right now.

Remember in a previous forecast when I said the Spring eclipses had prepped us for the next phase on our journey? Well, this Aries Full Moon on September 29th brings us full circle from the Aries New Moon back in March of 2023. It was also followed by an Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse in April.

So while full moons are typically about release, THIS full moon holds some pretty dope energy for transforming our intentions into physical manifestations.

Why? Aries, dudes.

Ruled by Mars, Aries loves to take action, face shit, and overcome challenges in a fiery, bold and daring way. When we are in Aries energy, we feel more confident and willing to take healthy risks to go after the things we want.

Speaking of March 2023, be sure to refer to your tarot journal at that time because the intentions you set back then should be coming together or showing themselves in some way under this full moon.

  • What was important to you back in March & April?

  • How have things come together?

Also, looking back and taking note of what has transformed for you since then is a really cool way to see how life can transform within the cycles of setting intentions in New Moon energy, and seeing the results in Full Moon energy. Sometimes it takes a few lunar cycles to see the seeds we plant, sprout.

Intuitive Practice Tip This is a good time to point out what an invaluable tool a Tarot/Oracle Journal is, especially when used to document your intention/release cycles.

But Also, Fire

When fiery energy is present, be mindful of anger & frustrations. They show us our wounding - where we STILL need to do a little inner work & get to the absolute CORE of our triggers. Healing is found at the center of our hurt, but we must peel back all the many different layers to get to the truth of it. Give yourself the grace to do this in a way that feels like self-love and self-compassion. When we can give that to ourselves, not only are we capable of giving that to others, but equally important, we are the proof that we have, in fact, been doing the work and we now experience the results.

We are SO much more powerful and co-creative when our hurts don’t dictate our thoughts, words or actions. Being aware of this tendency can help us cultivate healthy coping skills and practices to honestly and vulnerably express how we feel.

So, as we move closer to the next eclipse season, set the intention to experience transformative internal and external changes in your life. But try not to put expectations around how/when that transformation shows up.

Simply allow it in and surrender to its healing.

Speaking of healing…

Chiron Always Doing His Thing

Our friend Chiron The Wounded Healer, is also active under this lunation.

Look for him to guide us to find the power in our wounds, rather than disempowerment. Look also to integrate & align with them as part of our perfect and divine soul blueprint. Our wounds are just ONE of the facets of who we are and the lessons our soul has planned for us - so ask yourself: “What healing and empowerment can my wounds provide? How do they make me more powerful in the end?”

The energy is the most potent 3 days prior and 3 days after, so plan your lunar practices within that window:

  • tarot/oracle,

  • meditation,

  • journaling/channeling,

  • goal & intention setting,

  • releasing,

  • integration,

  • ceremonies & circles,

  • and of course – manifestation & visualization.

Happy Full Moon, powerful beings!

If you feel like sharing a little about your soul journey in the comments, what intentions did you set back in March 2023, and how have they physically manifested in your life in the now?

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