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New Moon In Gemini Energy Forecast and Meditation

Watch on You Tube here:

It's live! The free New Moon in Gemini energy forecast & guided meditation with tarot, oracle, numerology and a fun crystal programming practice, all wrapped up in a 36 minute "video"!

Moon intentions and practices can take place 3 days before & after the lunar event when the energy is the strongest, so set some time aside, grab all your "tools" and give it a listen! You'll need:

  • A designated notebook or journal. See this as the place that holds all your soul’s knowledge and wisdom. Your intentions are more than just dreams, they are your soul speaking to you, through you.

  • Your favorite crystals for programming

  • An unlit candle or incense for serenity (a lighter or match to light later)

  • Water to sip (for the pre-meditation breathwork).

I recommend you listen to this Energy Forecast in a seated position with the supplies above in front of you. When I begin the meditation, you will have the option to lay down.

Before you begin, take some time to create 1-3 intentions. Keep your list short so your intention is clear. Write these statements in positive and affirming language.

Check back for the Full Moon Forecast on June 21st!

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