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New Moon in Aquarius

We have a New Moon in Aquarius tomorrow, and it’s a turning point on the path of transformation.

Most importantly, the energy supports the theme of Awakening.

Humans are awakening at record paces and in all areas, and no matter where you believe yourself to be on this path spiritually, you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be. Your sacred placement is charted in your own Divine Soul Blueprint, written by your Higher-Self in the Life between Life phase. And it’s not just me saying that; the Universe says it too.

For those already awakened and wanting more, this moon phase will help you pull the symbolic blinders off your eyes and truly LOOK at the amazing truths already present in your life. Your soul is simply waiting for the green-light from your consciousness in order to turn a corner.

Our Aqua New Moon is amplifying the need/desire to make changes and break free from the same old shit and experiences.

As an algorithm energy, this is The Moon's primary purpose - to get us to do all the deep inner thinking of an Aquarius, in order to experience the sudden paradigm shifts necessary (Uranus).

Healing at the deepest of levels, both personally and collectively.

The challenge that comes with will be the need to address any residual feelings of shame and unworthiness. This will be your shadow focus during this phase of 2024 (Jan, Feb, March).

BTW, that shame isn’t yours. It never was… It is ancestral, familial and/or projected onto you through trauma & wounding that also isn’t yours. Empaths naturally absorb to transmute. But when they do it unknowingly, they think it's theirs. During this transformation, you may feel the need for licensed clinical therapy support at this time, so make sure to give yourself what you need. Support, empathy, and a safe space to explore your deepest wounds.

There is ZERO shame in asking for help. Being human is a lot.

Ask yourself, “What is my relationship with shame, and does it impact my self-worth?”.

What are you still holding onto?

  • Habits & thoughts,

  • People & relationships,

  • Circumstances & situations,

  • Shadow that serves you by keeping you “safe”, yet unfulfilled…

In what area of your life are you procrastinating, ignoring or avoiding?

  • Finances,

  • Health,

  • Self-Care boundaries,

  • Self-awareness and identity…


And friends, this New Moon ALSO welcomes in the Year of the Dragon. I know very little about Chinese Astrology, so be sure to go down all the rabbit-holes you desire if you’re looking for more information. But what I CAN tell you is this: The dragon represents power, courage, peace, and the need to come together as one. Dragon energy supports a step into greater power and personal authenticity, for us personally, as well as collectively.

This coupled with Aquarian energy, is sparking awakenings, inspired moments, deep personal realizations, and the ability to access a deeper wisdom. Prepare to surrender to it in the months ahead; pushing back or ignoring it will simply create feelings of being stuck, fearful and frustrated.

And here’s something important: The WOOD Dragon represents energy that is highly creative and curious with a natural inclination to explore diverse paths in life. It’s open-minded, introverted, and a little less than enthusiastic when it comes to structures of power. Sound like anyone you know, Millennials? Aquarians? It’s a perfect addition to the current cosmic focus of raising collective consciousness.

The Year of the Wood Dragon is forecasted to bring about opportunities, changes, and challenges. If you're seeking a positive shift in your life, this year definitely provides a favorable opportunity.


On February 11th, a few days after the New Moon, taskmaster Chiron joins the North Node bringing in the energy to support DEEP HEALING. I mean, that’s the whole point.

It’s an Aquarius, Uranus, Chiron/NN, Pluto collab. All of them working together like a BOSS.

And here’s our helping hand: Mercury, Venus and Mars enter Aquarius a few days apart during the last part of the month to hook up with our friend Pluto (who amplifies the desire and the need to do things differently), resulting in personal peace and freedom. Transformation.


Honestly, you might want to toss any and all bullshit into the fire and watch it burn. Goodbye, old shit. Hello, radically transformed lives, relationships, ways of thinking, and desires. Hello, new possibilities with a deeper trust in our ability to navigate the unknown, and come out the other side into the bright, shining sun.


Your journey is in marvelous hands when you co-create with Spirit! I mean, you aren’t navigating alone. You have a detailed, carefully designed plan, full spiritual support, and a built in energetic GPS. Let it show you how the Universe wants to work THROUGH you in order to experience your best human life in the most inspired and empowered way.

This New Moon gives us the tools to see & experience life from a new perspective, igniting the next cycle, revolutionizing how we move through it, in order to align with our most authentic expression of self.

Freely and joyfully expressed.

Use this New Moon to ask for help to surrender, my friends. Throw open the door, and welcome in change in all its freedom and expansion.

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