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Embrace Next-Level: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

If you take nothing else from the coming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus coming in on 10/28, at least integrate the italicized wisdom below.

Let it sink into your knowing. And if you keep a journal, look back to November 2021 to see what energies you were experiencing in your life.

TBH, my look-back blew me away... 2 godd@mn years it's taken to finally achieve/embody the things I didn't even remember asking for... (I asked for inner peace - the ability to address, heal and integrate all my shadow aspects peacefully and with total self-acceptance - transformation and rebirth).

Humans, we are absolutely 100% supported by our Astrology - guided, helped, encouraged, challenged and even pushed into life sometimes, by this big old cosmic engine/software program in the skies. I need no further proof that I am absolutely on a spiritual journey, made specific and unique based on my physical experiences and choices in this world.

**************** From

"Pluto, the planet known as the Lord of the Underworld, is very active under this Full Moon Eclipse. Pluto is also the natural ruler of Scorpio, so seeing as it is Scorpio Season, its energy will be pronounced.

Pluto, and the sign of Scorpio, is also synonymous with the themes of death and rebirth. At this time of year too, the Pleiades, a star constellation linked to death and rebirth also aligns high in the sky.

There is a strong theme here of death and rebirth. There is a strong theme given to us by the Lord of the Underworld, as he takes us on this journey of renewal and transformation.

We may have to confront some shadows or peek into corners we may not have dared to before. We may find ourselves unearthing things that are uncomfortable. What was once hidden may now step into the light.


Under this Taurus Full Moon Eclipse, we may find ourselves doing the same. We may find ourselves making peace with all that has come up for us, not just in the present, but from our past too. Remember, this Eclipse energy brings us all the way back to November 2021, so all of the space we have filled from this time is ready to be made peace with."


I don't think we have to release and "do the work" with this lunar phase.

I'm not sure it needs us to.

I'm feeling that SO MANY of you out there are finally seeing the transformation that has taken place within you over the last couple years, and that you weren't acutely aware when they were activated, because we are always so focused on all the challenges, we may fail to see the guidance and support they cloak.

We can't enter the new, until we have processed the old.

If that's you, EXCELLENT JOB! You are exactly where you are supposed to be... aligned with the blueprint of your soul. Just be at peace with life. That's your work this full moon. Just be. Embrace being next-level, and get ready for the next phase on it's way.

Surrender your old stories because they will not serve you in all the rest of your tomorrows. ❤

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