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Chiron/North Node In Aries: Time To Shift in Major Ways

Updated: Feb 19

The North Node joins Chiron in Aries on February 19th and in relation to our Akashic Soul Blueprint, it’s one of the most important transits of the year! Like HUGELY impactful!

It’s prepping us for the coming Eclipses in March/April and will create - if the energy is utilized intentionally – the paradigm shift you have been hoping for. 

But first, let me explain how my brain see’s the Soul Blueprint…

  • Your numerology is the WHAT (What are my gifts? What am I here to do? What is my karma?).

  • Your Astrology is the WHY (Why these abilities & karma? Why this path?) Astrology is the energy algorithm that moves you along your human path through ever-changing challenges, the need to take action, transformation, integration and growth.  Astrology is the current that keeps you moving forward through your specific and unique human journey.

  • Your Human Design is the HOW (How do I most easily move through the world based on my unique energy blueprint?).

When you understand how they all work together, you see how your Higher Self has it all under control - IF you surrender and let the Universe support you. It's when we try to control the outcomes of our plan that things start moving out of alignment.

Ok so back to Chiron/North Node… 

The last time Chiron and the North Node met was in 2008, so when these two reunite, it’s significant because it just doesn’t happen often.   

Chiron is our deepest wound, but it’s also the power that emerges when this wound is embraced and alchemized.

Chiron-North Node conjunction happens in Aries (our identity) and asks us to answer some very important questions:

  • Who am I when I heal my wounded conditioning? What do I expect of myself?

  • What lights me up from the inside out?  What do I want to share with the world around me?

In Aries, we remember WHO WE ARE by igniting an energy that sets everything into motion.  We are here for a reason, and it’s never too late to find one or more of your purposes and share them with the world.



The Lunar Nodes highlight our soul patterns across human incarnations and signify our past & our future. They are our karmic journey.

  • The South Node is connected to past karma that needs to be released and transformed. Karmic lessons.

  • The North Node is the opportunity to balance karmic debt by healing the patterns we brought forward from our past lives and creating a new direction in life. Karmic debt.

Why is this such a big deal?

I believe it’s the most important inner work we can do in this lifetime because it directly impacts our soul blueprint, our karma and our ability to take action (Aries).

In past lives, we were taught to avoid our wounds; they made us weak and shouldn’t be spoken of.  But in this lifetime, the only way to heal our wounds is to take action.

Our Chiron wound profoundly shapes our understanding of ourselves and our path in life… but it’s also the soul wound that never truly heals. The reason we consider our Chiron wound, our “deepest wound” is because it shows up subtly and unconsciously.  In most cases, it can be traced back through most of our past lives and can profoundly influence our current lives, relationships and behaviors.



To break through the conditioning of our Chiron wound, we need a major change in the way we understand & experience life.  You might have heard this referred to as: quantum shifting, timeline shifting, or my short & simple favorite – a paradigm shift.

And that’s exactly what the North Node supports.

See, when the two meet, it gives us a unique opportunity to understand and heal that which keeps us from living out our life purpose (North Node) at the highest levels.



While each Zodiac placement has a different “wound” attached to it, based on Greek Mythology, the Chiron wound is primarily related to abandonment and rejection. 

When people are not happy with themselves, or with the place they’re at in their life, they may  unconsciously reject or find flaws in themselves, and the people and circumstances around them. Nothing meets their standards because of their “I’m not good enough” wound.

To know yours, you need to know what sign Chiron falls in your chart. Knowing the house that sign is in, gives you even more insight:



Your past lives have shaped you, but they do not define you. Your North Node will never fail to provide the information you need to achieve success, self-confidence and balance.  Our nodes help us understand the individual challenges we have and what needs to be developed for alignment with our soul blueprint.

Pay attention to any insights and downloads that come to you the next few days.  While nothing may manifest or transform right away, this transit can awaken something inside of you that will become obvious around the Eclipse of March & April.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

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