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April Astro-Energy: What's Up Next

So before I even start, I just want to remind everyone that I've only recenlty learned Astrology, so the transits, etc. I reference in this post come from greater minds than mine. I simply subscribe to several Astrologers blogs and put it all together in a more simplified post so I better know wtf is going on. The intuitve interpretation is mine, the technical planetary knowledge really isnt. One day, right?

Ok so on to the good stuff!

As I said in a previous post, most Astrologers were super hyped about March, but I felt April held way more interesting energy. I just don’t know enough about astrology to talk about it without consulting several other forecasts, but I DO know energy and if you look closely, April sort of gives us a glimpse of where our lives are headed over the course of the next several years…

I’m going to clarify the following moon phases & transits. There is a lot more going on astrologically, but these are the events you’ll want to have an understanding of!

  • April 5, 2023: Full Moon in Libra

  • April 10, 2023: Venus /Gemini

  • April 19, 2023: New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

  • April 21, 2023: Mercury Rx in Taurus

The month begins with Mercury entering Taurus - a good time to slow down.

Mercury moving through Taurus is a time to catch our breath, embrace a consistent, steady Taurus vibe and focus on moving forward with whatever cool things came up for you in March. Think things through, plan, be more intentional and deliberate about creating foundations for stability and comfort. This will create a need to make changes in your daily practices and habits, so make them. Make them. The energy supports you in this area.

We then move through a Libra Full Moon opposite Chiron and Jupiter in Aries which can be profoundly healing. It’s an opportunity for deeper authenticity in our partnerships & close relationships.

This energy supports a focus on the most important relationships in our lives, supporting balance between ourselves and the people we love. Things can feel INTENSE within these relationships, BUT with patience & commitment, you’ll see real growth. And that always feels so good!

The intensity is because the moon is opposite Chiron who represents healing our sense of self and any toxic conditioning. It helps us get in touch with who we are at our core, and what we most want to experience in our lives. It helps us connect to what lights us up and inspires us.

Jupiter's in the mix sort of advances our healing process, bringing in new perspectives & opportunities, which supports bravery, taking leaps of faith (you might see 12:12 a lot) and stepping outside our comfort zone to embrace new possibilities we may not have allowed ourselves to dream about previously.

As we heal ourselves, we heal our relationships, and this is highlighted at the time of this Full Moon with a Venus (in Taurus) squaring Saturn. This energy asks us to recognize how far have we come, and how much have we really healed – which may initially feel like a setback or blow to our self-esteem.

But remember, we’ll only FEEL that way in order to heal what comes up...

After the Full Moon, Venus moves on into Gemini (but also squares Saturn in Pisces). This can feel like roadblock energy, but soon opens up into an exciting time in the areas of love and money.

I mean, I’m down for that!

Due to Venus & Saturn, you may feel lonely or isolated. Others may experience challenge in the area of money - stalled or restricted in some way. This means the things we had our heart set on can't move forward as quickly as we'd hoped.

But don’t fall for any of it.

Stay as positive as possible, meditate, pull cards, call in your spiritual team to help maneuver that particular phase with less of a “suffering” mindset, and a more peaceful, and radically accepting the present. The present WILL change as this energy moves through.

Remember – our Astrology provides the specific life circumstances, details, emotions and triggers to help us grow and master our soul blueprint. If you can find that truth/logic within, and ground in it when you are feeling challenged, it can help TREMENDOUSLY with reducing the level of personal “suffering” you may experience. That’s a little more “Tolle” than I usually get, but I wanted to break that down to be super relatable.

Ok back to the Venus/Saturn fuckery (you KNOW they are doin’ it). Their involvement is about the long haul. Important relationships (especially the one we have with ourselves) require commitment & hard work. Whatever comes up now needs WAY MORE of our time, patience, and effort than we would assume. But it shows us how worth it is to put in the work. Transformation, healing, and new beginnings ARE occurring at very deep levels, even though it may not initially feel that way.

Then we throw in a Mars/Gemini trine to Saturn in Pisces. This blows up Venu’s shit and while more effort is necessary now, we will have the passion, ideas, and stamina to take action and see things through to completion.

Then Venus gets into our fun & money, both good and challenging… This is also a time when multiple income streams open up; the energy is enjoyable, interesting and social. We may feel more flirtatious, playful and ready to try new things. It can also indicating a setback or challenge concerning romance or finances. This is a time when relationships may require more work or that the money you are waiting on may take longer than expected.

Fucking Venus. Make up your mind.

Mid-month we'll experience a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries that brings in new beginnings and a taste of what is to come through the year.

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries is a POWERFUL bridge helping us cross into new territory we'll be exploring for the next two years. However, it doesn’t happen without first facing a great deal of fear. This is likely to be a period of enormous pressure and intense power struggles (and your internal struggle with the belief of your OWN personal power) coming up at this time.

I’m already saying out loud, “fuck this new moon”.

So look at it like this… This eclipse is squaring Pluto (and their transits are like a fucking Springtime deep cleaning of a particular area of our lives to unearth what is buried). It reveals our darkest shadow in the pursuit of stepping into our power to transform. This eclipse is likely to bring up things we fear letting go of, but deep within, we know these are things we need to face in order to move onto the next phase of our life.

And it’s likely to be a 6 month process of deep examination as we work through what is no longer helpful or potentially toxic.

Just writing this gives me anxiety. The hard conversations will need to be had.

However, while things may feel uncomfortable, we may also receive news/downloads that help us move in a new direction. Our intuition is strong, as are our emotions at this time, which will motivate us to take the next steps. We already know something deep within ourselves about our future and direction in life, and it's time to start stepping in that direction while letting go of another. This illuminates our desire for more freedom, so expect the unexpected and do your best to remain grounded during times of change.

Soon after, the month closes between eclipses AND with another Mercury retrograde in Taurus. This gives us time to process our thoughts and plan our next steps.

Mercury Rx on April 21st could be that period I referenced where we receive unexpected news that requires us to dig deep and process our thoughts before launching head first into things. Think things through and prepare for the long haul concerning our day-to-day activities, new ideas, projects, or communications… Mercury retrograde in the sign of Taurus gives us the space to slow way down, so be patient and know things are still in the works, they are simply coming in right-timing. This could also bring about information or news that moves us in a new direction.

The Rx gives us time to consider any changes before leaping…

  • Maybe be a little more patient with something, or look for ways to add more beauty or value to our creations.

  • Maybe we just need to rest and get out of our minds, away from our devices, and into our bodies.

  • Connect to the Earth - get into nature and attune to the natural rhythms and cycles of the Gaia.

Mercury will then cozy up to Uranus AFTER the retrograde and bring in Spiritual Downloads: brilliant ideas, thoughts, inspiration and messages that bring about sudden clarity and up-leveling of abilities.

To learn more about spiritual downloads, check out Episode 80 of the Esoterix Podcast.

After Mercury has gone direct and left its shadow phase, we’ll better understand the bigger picture of what has unfolded during this period and how to integrate any changes or ideas that have come about.

By the end of April, things shift and change, continuing into May…

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