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Lets look at some of the most common (and no so common) questions I get

about The Akashic Records and Akashic Readings.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are energy - specifically, an energetic record of your soul’s journey through the Universe. But your Akashic Record is not an actual book in a library, think of them as cloud storage for the Universe, maintained by your Higher-Self.

So what is an Akashic Reading? 

It’s a review of your Soul Blueprint as it exists in your energy field. It’s a look at your life’s plan, providing insight into your life circumstances, your purpose, passions, skills, and intuitive abilities. 

An Akashic Reading is a powerful way to: 

  • Explore your Life Purpose and how to get started on your “path”.

  • Gain an understanding of your soul's purpose & clarify your career path.

  • Explore past life karmic debt and clear it.

  • Identify karmic connections with individuals in your present life.

  • Identify how past lives impact your current challenges.

  • Meet your Spirit Guides to develop a stronger connection with them.

  • Connect with deceased loved ones (including pets).

  • Explore the Akashic Record of your business.

  • Create more satisfying relationships.

Akashic Readings now include Astrology and Human Design!  Specifically, a review of your HD Type, your North and South Nodes (current and past lives), your Midheaven (your purpose), Chiron (your healing) and your Black Moon Lilith (your shadow) as they relate to your current Life Path, Life Purpose and Karmic Debt. But I don’t read your individual Astrology/HD charts - I read your soul blueprint as a complete chart.

The marriage of Numerology, Astrology and Human Design above and beyond your Sun, Moon and Rising signs adds a richness of detail and personality that just can’t be found in Numerology alone.  Tetralogy and Soul Blueprint readings have leveled up and I am LOVING the way they show you how Stars & Science collab to create the most beautiful goals for your soul.   


How do you open the Akashic Records?

I use a simple prayer to open your record and connect to the energy of the Akashic realm. That allows me to channel information through all my psychic abilities and interpret your soul blueprint using numerology & astrology.    


What topics do you cover in an Akashic Reading?

We can explore career, relationships and family, romantic partnerships, soul contracts, past lives, karmic debt & lessons, intuitive abilities, meeting your spiritual team. Pretty much anything EXCEPT medical or health outcomes.  However, we are able to explore the source of health issues by looking at any karmic debt, soul lessons and soul contracts.


How long is an Akashic Record Reading?

An Akashic Record Reading typically runs 60 minutes, although sometimes they can last 90 minutes or more. This gives us an opportunity to explore the map of your soul, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions to get clarity. Returning clients now have the option of booking a very focused 30-minute follow-up/deeper-dive reading.


How is an Akashic Record reading different than a Spirit Guide/Mediumship reading?

During a Medium Reading, I’m a translator.  I am the go-between, delivering messages from Spirit Guides, Guardians, Angels, and family & friends that have passed to the other side.

An Akashic Record Reading is different.  If you think of the Akashic Records as cloud storage for the Universe, also think of me running an energetic query on any question you have, connecting to  information in your Soul Blueprint and your Soul Contracts.  This blueprint was created by your Higher Self to help you stay focused on your human lessons, karma, relationships and soul goals.   Our Soul Blueprint is the plan & map of our human life.  In order to carry out this plan, we create Soul Contracts with others (soulmates, etc.), and to keep us focused on the goals of our blueprint, we enlist the help of Advisors/Spirit Guides.  All of this is can be explored in an Akashic Record Reading.  


Is the information in the Akashic Records pre-determined?

Pre-planned, but not pre-determined.  See we all have free-will, and because of that, our records are written in every moment and shift to keep us pointed toward our highest potential.


Can you open the record of my partner/child/family member/boss, friend, etc.?

Not without their permission. But I can explore the soul contract between the two of YOU for clarity on the circumstances of your connection. For example, you can ask about the purpose of your relationship with a particular friend, but not about that friend’s individual life purpose or life circumstances/relationships.


Can you read the Akashic Record of my business?

Yes! I open the record of your business and compare it with your personal record to see where you have the biggest opportunity for success, challenge, potential, etc.  Honestly, the possibilities are endless and it’s one of my favorite readings to give. I don’t understand why it’s not more commonly booked!  Some good questions: Am I subconsciously blocking my own success? How can I best move forward in the work I love to do? Am I aligned with the work I do? How can I best support my business and the clients/customers I am most aligned with?


How does an Akashic Reading bring clarity to my questions?

When your Akashic Record is accessed, the information relevant to your current inquiry is always highlighted. Your most persistent “patterns” are brought out to be understood, so the more questions you ask, the more clarity you receive.


Why is an Akashic Reading based on my questions? Can’t you just tell me what I need to know?

Akashic readings are Q&A based, not cold readings.  The energy builds based on our emotions and clarifying questions. The more we talk about a situation/issue/circumstance/relationship, the thicker the energy gets and the easier it is to access the information contained in a record.

To make a clear connection I ask you to talk about how you FEEL about whatever issue you are seeking clarity on. This isn’t to fish for information, it’s to create the strongest link possible between myself and the person I’m reading.  I then use my psychic abilities to see images and information that comes to me from the records.  At the same time, I’m using my empathic abilities to hear, sense, and feel.  I’m also connecting to your Guides as a Medium and a Channel.

When I ask my client if they have any questions, I sometimes get the response: "I'm just open to anything my Guides want me to know". But that’s not easy because your guides want you to know EVERYTHING and it’s simply not possible in the time allotted. So, in order to help you get clarity around your BIGGEST current questions or challenges, we need a specific question to focus on.

The simple answer is that your question is your expression of intent, so come prepared with at least 3 questions!  The best types start with why, how, or what (any question that can be expanded on) that give you a much deeper answer than simple yes or no questions.


Do you see Past Lives in an Akashic Reading?

Yes, but asking a broad question like, “Tell me about my past lives,” won’t get you much because  past life information comes forward to help us clarify and resolve current challenges and relationships.  Past life specifics (like who you were in a past life or what you did in that life) are not as important as the information that comes from accessing those lifetimes.  What really helps you understand your current life challenges is understanding your KARMA.  With insight into your karmic debts, lessons and relationship patterns, you come to understand what is STILL manifesting in this life as a result of experiences in your previous lifetimes.  Why?  You may have unfinished business or lessons the soul has yet to learn.  You may also experience challenges as triggers, simply to remind your soul of lessons you mastered in previous lifetimes that are waiting to be activated in this lifetime!


When is the best time to have a reading?

  • When you need to clarify your life purpose

  • When you want to make a career change, but have no idea what or how

  • When you want to explore relationships or finances

  • When you are ready to release limiting beliefs, habits, or a painful past

  • In times of transition (birthday, divorce, death, move, job loss, etc.)

  • When you feel stuck in the present and fearful about the future

  • When there is something specific you need clarity and guidance on, but just can’t figure it out on your own


How often should I book an Akashic Reading?

I recommend that you wait at least 60 days between readings unless you are in the middle of a major life transition that requires a few sessions to get full clarity around.  


What can I expect after a reading?

Accessing your records helps you to let go of feeling powerless so empowerment can emerge.  After a reading, you could experience a need to mull over the information for a few days before acting on anything that came from our session, or you may be inspired to take immediate action.

Take time to hydrate, meditate, journal, connect to your body with yoga, get energy work or a massage.  Rest, rejuvenate, go inward and connect to your Higher Self and your physical body to integrate the messages from your reading with your conscious awareness. Connect to your Guides with tarot, oracle and any other divination tools you enjoy.   Spend time setting intentions and dreaming of the life you most want to co-create with the Universe.  An Akashic Record Reading is a wonderful first step to transformation and new paths forward.


Can I purchase a reading as a gift?

No. The success of an intuitive session is based on resonance, and I best work with those who find me on their own.  However,  I offer gift certificates for Intuitively Designed Jewelry, which is an amazing birthday, anniversary or holiday present, and include an cool package of services. Click here for details and pricing.   

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